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Typical day in life of your toddler

Discussion in 'Toddlers' started by MeenLoch, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. MeenLoch

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    Share how a typical day is in life of your toddler.
    Weekdays - My 3 year old wakes up to go to daycare. On the way I play annamacharya krithis, say some slokas with her or play some other music. Morning is our time for waking up with music. She has her breakfast there, plays till 11, has her lunch and sleeps till 3, after which they have story time and play time outside.
    Evening she comes back with me, her dad bathes and feeds her while she watches some TV( thomas, dora etc), goes to sleep by 9 30 pm.

    Weekends - Wakes up a little late 8 am ish. Again her dad plays some music on the DVD ( carnatic followed by pop..), enjoys some TV shows like Dora. She then has a relaxed weekend lunch followed by 2 hr nap. It s either outing or play time after that. We even dance to some tunes.
    We also visit temple or socialize with friends on weekend.
    She watches about 2 hrs tv averaged everyday.

    Talk about your typical toddler day.

  2. Viks

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    My 2 year old son.. wakes up in the morning around 7:30 or 8:30 am , I am still struggling with his brushing habit we spend a little extra time with brush and paste , after which I either give him a glass of milk or light breakfast, then Dress him up for his school he leaves for school at 9:30 am, I pack a light tiffin for him which he may or may not have at school. I get him back from school at 11:45 am. the school is just 2 mins walk from home, then lunch and I put him to sleep he sleeps for 2 hrs average then in the evening give him milk and go out for walk or play with cousins at home, and dinner at 7:30 pm, I usually spend close to 1hr for feeding him 1 time meal then change of clothes for bedtime we still put him on diaper for the night , and he may start sleeping anytime between 9:00 to 10:30..
  3. Meeta

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    Both my and my hubby works at the same place and neither of us has strict schedules, so my 2 and half year old son takes good advantage of it or we both are lazy to set a strict time-table for him, so the waking up time varies between 8:00 to 8:30 am for him.
    Then as I gave him some breakfast, my son is very fussy over morning breakfast, so I make him drink some milk and make him eat some soup/cereal. And when I pack our launch boxes, my DH makes my son brush (he brushes teeth after meals), change him for his day care. On the way to day-care he usually keeps quite, listening to songs somedays otherwise watching outside just like that. But whenever he sees a school bus, he starts blabbering that "when Anshu will be big, he will go to school....will learn how to read....how to write...blah...blah..
    The most funny thing is that he likes his day care as he has frds over there to play. He usually have his launch and afternoon snacks there. But I always pack fruit salad and a small yoghurt for him which he finishes up most of the time.
    Then at 5:00 pm we pick him up and he will start talking non-stop then about his whole day activities.
    After reaching home, he will have a little snack/milk at 6:00pm. Then he will play/pester us/watch some of his elmo stuffs (he is a big fan of Saseme street characters).
    Then dinner will be at 8:00 pm after which he will take bath at 9:00 and then drink some milk before going to bed. The bed time is not fixed for him......when he is tired he will sleep around 10:00 otherwise I have to drag him to bed........and spent more than 30 mins to make him sleep.......
    So, this is his regular weekday......about weekend, i just let him follow his way most of the time......

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