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Truthfulness Is Mandatory

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by HariLakhera, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. troubledmom

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    Thank you Hariji for your nice reply. But this above what you said I feel you have misunderstood me.

    I feel, given this present day post- truth context, your snippet is very timely and warrants a robust discussion about truth and its nature. I have enjoyed the inputs and observations from you and the other posters on this thought provoking thread. If my earlier post led you to conclude otherwise it is my error.

    What are your views on this story of the caw and the butcher given the present day context around us?
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  2. HariLakhera

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    Dear 'troubledmom',
    This is what I said on caw and butcher in my post;
    "It could have been a buffalo, a bull or a goat or any other animal. I will not make a guess if the opinion would have changed but that is another issue."
    In present day context, it will be tough to be harsh on cow. Cow slaughter is banned in most of the Indian States and Hindus treat cow as a scared animal. Those who are prepared to kill humans for their love and respect for cow do not have the same respect and love once the cow stops giving milk. You might have seen cows wandering the streets and chewing plastics. You might have come across instances cows abandoned after they stop giving milk. Farmers usually sell them least caring what will happen to them. There are some philanthropists who have built Gaushalas for such cows but that is not enough.
    The moot question is when as humans we have not been in a position to keep humans safe, free from poverty and injustice, what use is cow protection. I am not sure of the priorities.
    But then, Politics thy name is appeasing various interest groups and what better can be there than religion.
    Mam, rest assured, i did not misunderstood you. You have a very solid point and my above reply will meet your thinking that we are on same wave length.
    How can we be truthful under such circumstances?
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  3. Urmila

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