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    Seeppu Seedai - A Chettinad snack.

    Raw rice - 4 cups

    Urad dhal flour - 1 ½ cups ( udad dhal lightly dry roasted, powdered fine & sieved )

    Coconut - 1 cup

    Ghee - 4 tsp

    Wash rice, soak for 1 hr, drain & spread on a cloth to dry in the shade.

    Powder in the mixie till fine.

    Dry roast it in a low fire till it becomes like “sand” ! – you should be able to draw line with it.

    Mix rice flour, urad dhal flour, & ghee.

    Take milk from coconut by adding warm water to the same.

    Take about 2 ½ cups of milk, if it is not sufficient, you can add some boiling water.

    Boil this milk with salt, add to flour mixture & knead well .

    Press in the seepu seedai achu into a long strip, cut into pieces of even length & fry 10 – 15 in hot oil at a time till well done.

    Remove to kitchen tissue, cool & store.

    My Chettiar friend helped me do this & the photo is posted below.
    chhepu seedai.JPG
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    Rasa Vadai - Try it for Deepavali Lunch !

    Channa dhal - 1 cup

    Moong dhal - 1/2 cup

    Udad dhal - 1/3 cup

    Red chillies - 4

    Green chillies - 4 ( More is optional )

    Oil - to deep fry

    Salt ,Hing , Chopped curry leaves.

    Coriander leaves to decorate

    Wash well & soak all dhals with chillies for about an hour.

    Strain well and grind with salt & hing to a very coarse consistency adding very little water.

    Add chopped curry leaves and make vadais slightly flat and deep fry the usual way we fry vadais.

    Remove when 3/4 done and soak in water in a basin.

    This removes the excess oil & helps to make it soft.

    Now soak the vadais in hot rasam and garnish with coriander leaves.

    You can also serve each vadai in a cup of rasam and decorate with coriander leaves and top it with a fried karuvadam (available in departmental stores ).

    Alternate toppings are fried & crushed papads or thin potato chips.
    rasa vadai.JPG
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    Vegetable Cutlet _ my version is slightly different !

    Grate fine or mince:

    Beetroots - 2 medium size

    Carrots - 2 medium size

    Cauliflower - ½ medium size

    Fresh peas - ½ cup

    Boil, peel & grate;

    Potatoes - 3 big or 4-5 medium

    Grind to paste without adding water:

    Onions - 3 big or 4 medium

    Garlic - 7,8

    Ginger - 2”

    Green chillies - to taste

    Cashewnuts chopped - ¼ cup

    Coriander leaves - ½ cup, chopped

    Other ingredients:

    Fried gram ( pottukadalai) powdered - up to 1 cup

    Salt, garam masala

    Besan - 1 tbsp

    Bread crumbs - 1 cup

    Cook the vegetables with not more than 1 tbsp water on a low fire in a closed vessel or better still microwave on Hi power, closed, for 10 mts.

    Boil 4 or 5 med or big potatoes, peel &grate.

    Mix all these & mash for homogeneous texture.

    Preferably micowave the ground paste , mixing little oil for 8mts hi & 8mts med (this timing varies for every microwave) Or fry on a low fire till dry.

    Mix this with the vegetables.

    Now we usually add bread crumbs or bread slices for thickening the mixture -instead of that add powdered fried gram (pottukkadalai) . Add as much powder as is necessary to get the correct consistency of shaping culets.This gives a very good taste.

    Add a little garam masala, salt, mix well &make cutlets.

    Make a thin paste of besan (&not maida) for dipping before rolling in breadcrumbs.

    Shallow or deep fry, as usual.

    You will be surprised, how much the addition of cashewnuts, fried gram & besan paste for dipping, changes the taste of the cutlet.
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    Adai is coming - are you ready with avial ?

    3 Different Varieties:

    Each family has a different recipe for adai, which is a favourite dish in many houses.It is not easy to label one particular recipe as traditional. By trying out many combinations, I have evolved my own (unconventional ?) proportion, which is certified very tasty by my friends.

    First recipe:

    Raw rice - 1 cup

    Boiled rice - 1 cup

    Gram dhal - 1 cup

    Tur dhal - slightly more than ½ cup

    Udad dhal - slightly less than ½ cup ( these two together should make 1 cup)

    Red chillies - 8-10

    Green chillies - 4,5

    Hing powder - 1 tsp

    Curry leaves - few (chop fine)


    Wash & soak rice & dhals with red chillies (this imparts a nice colour to the adai) for3-4 hrs.

    Drain, grind, adding green chillies, hing powder & salt, to a coarse pate.

    Adai batter - Lovely color.JPG

    Add chopped curry leaves & make adais, as usual.

    Its cooking!!!!.JPG

    Finely chopped onions can be added to the dough.

    The photo is posted below.
    Ready for gobbling.JPG

    Muzhu Ulundu Adai (Palghat Speciality)

    Boied rice - 1 cup

    Black whole urad dhal - ½ cup (, in this, you can include 2 tsp tur dhal, not more – but , both together should be only ½ cup)

    Red chilli - 1

    Pepper - 1 tsp

    Jeera - 1 tsp

    Hing powder - 1 tsp

    Curry leaves - few (chopped)


    Wash & soak rice & dhal(s) with red chilli for 2 hrs (can be less, not more).

    Grind coarse with salt, hing powder, adding pepper, jeera at the end, so that they are fairly coarse.

    Add curry leaves & make adais as usual.

    The photo is posted in the thread " Tips, tips, tips".

    It is customary to add drumstick leaves to this adai & it is called murunga ilai adai.

    Traditionally, it is patted with hand on a hot tawa, slightly thick, 2-3 holes made into which oil is poured & roated crisp on low fire for a long time !

    Verum Arisi Adai;

    In this, flavour of rice stands out.

    Boiled rice (best is flavourful red variety, if available) - 1 cup

    Coconut - 2 tbsp (optional)


    Wash & soak rice for 2 hrs.

    Grind coarse with salt, adding coconut, towards the end.

    Make adais as usual.

    The photo is posted in th " Tips, tips, tips" thread.

    It tastes very good, if drumstick leaves are added – plain is also good.
    verumarisi adai.jpg
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    Mysore Masal Dosai - from an expert in Bangalore !

    As with many other recipes, this is one of the versions of the famous Mysore Masal Dosai.

    Raw rice - 4 cups

    Urad dhal - 1 cup

    Gram dhal (or tur dhal) - ¼ cup.

    Soak for 3-4 hrs.

    Grind smooth & ferment for 12 hrs.

    Red chutney to spread:

    Dry red chillies – bedagi or Kashmiri chillies - 10 ( this gives the red colour . If you can’t get either, use ordinary chillies)

    Onion - 1 big

    Garlic - 3,4 (optional)

    Fry these lightly & make a paste with salt & water.

    Masala (palya):

    Potatoes - 250 gms – boil, peel & crumble

    Onions - 250 gms - cut into thin long pieces.

    Green chillies - 3,4 (slit)

    Ginger - 1 tsp, finely chopped

    Curry leaves - few, chopped

    Coriander leaves - few, chopped

    To temper in 2 tsp oil:

    Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp

    Urad dhal - 1 tsp

    In a kadai, heat oil, add the tempering ingredients, ginger, green chillies & onion.

    Fry till onion becomes transparent.

    Add potatoes, salt., both leaves & mix well.

    Some like to add little sugar.


    These dosas are made using a mixture of ghee & oil.

    Heat a flat tava.

    Smear with oil & water on the tava & spread a thin dosa.

    Pour the oil-ghee mixture around it.

    When the bottom starts turning golden, in just half of it, smear the red chutney lightly.

    Wait for a minute for chutney to cook.

    Then on the same half, keep 2 tbsp of potato masala.

    Fold the other half over this & serve with chutney.

    This dosa is not turned over.


    Coconut - 1 cup

    Fried gram (pottukadalai) - ¼ cup

    Onion - 1, chopped

    Green chillies - 3,4


    To temper:

    Oil - 1 tsp

    Hing - ½ tsp

    Curry leaves - few

    In a kadai, in 1 tsp oil, fry in order, onion, green chillies, then lightly fry pottukadalai also.

    Switch off the stove & add coconut to get lightly heated.

    Grind with salt & temper.

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    Aama Vadai & masal Vadai - we say "yes" to dieting, but "yes" to vadai also !

    For SBS photos, please go to
    Ama Vadai & Masal Vasai – Using FP (1)
    Ama Vadai & Masal Vasai – Using FP (2)

    Aama vadai

    This is also called paruppu vadai.

    There are many versions, as usual & this is one of them.

    Gram dhal - ½ cup (can be 2/3 cup)

    Tur dhal - ½ cup (1/3 cup)

    Udad dhal - 2 tsp

    Red chillies - 3,4

    Green chillies - 3,4

    Hing - 1 tsp


    Curry leaves - few, finely chopped

    Oil - to deep fry

    Soah dhals & red chillies together for 2 hrs.

    Then drain them for 1 hr - I personally feel this is one point in favour of crisp vadais.

    Grind all ingredients (except curry leaves) without adding water, for short spells at a time,checking that it does not get more ground, than coarse.

    Mix it thoroughly while needing so that consistency is uniform.

    If at all, add 1 or 2 tsp water, not more.

    It should reach the consistency that you can hold in hand & pat – not more.

    Pat into small FLAT discs on a plastic sheet & deep fry.

    When it is half done, simmer the flame & fry so that it becomes crisp.


    2 tsp of soaked gram dhal can be reserved to add whole, without ginding.

    I once saw a cook adding little hot oil to the batter, just before frying to get that extra crispness !

    Masal Vadai:

    This is done like aama vadai but completely with gram dhal only.

    Onions should be minced or chopped fine & definitely not ground with dhal – the batter will be losened a bit.

    Finely chopped mint leaves, crushed saunf (very little) can be added for additional flavour


    Now pattani paruppu (known as vadai paruppu) is available in Tamil

    Nadu & this is excellent for vadai. It gives a taste & crispness which even gram dhal does not give..

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    Rava Dosai - Two Different Recipes.

    Recipe 1;

    Bombay rava - ½ kg

    Rice - ½ kg

    If there is flour mill facility where you live, send this mixture to th flour mill to grind fine . This can be preserved for 2 months. If not,

    Bombay rava - ½ cup

    Rice flour - ½ cup

    Grind both together in the mixi & proceed.

    Recipe 2:

    Chiroti rava - 1 cup

    Rice flour - ¼ cup

    Maida - 1 tbsp

    Besan - 1 tbsp

    All these can be mixed & used.

    Remember, the amount becomes 1 ½ cups & water has to be added at the rate of 2 ½ cups per cup of flour.

    Very finely minced carrots & green chillies can be added in this recipe to give a very nice colour.

    Proceed in the same method given in tips.
    rava dosa ladle.JPG
    rava dosai.JPG
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    Vendaikai Pakoras - from the frying pan to the dining table

    Ladies’ finger - ½ kg

    Oil - to deep fry

    Mix together:

    Besan - 2 tbsp

    Rice flour - 1 ½ tbsp

    Cornflour - 1 tbsp

    Red chilli powder & salt to taste

    Wasy, wipe & cut the vegetable to not less than 2” length.

    Slit into 4, keeping one end intact.

    Sprinkle 1 tbsp water on the vegetable & smear (coat) the mixture on it.

    Heat oil in a kadai.

    Take a handful of the coated vegetable & drop in hot oil, like pakoras.

    Turn over once halfway through, when cooking.

    When crisp, remove to a tissue paper & serve hot.
    vend pakora-s.JPG
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    Crisp Samosas - Make & Freeze them to use any time.

    For SBS photos, please go to
    Crisp Samosas(1)
    Crisp Samosas(2)
    Crisp Samosas(3)
    Crisp Samosa(4)
    Crisp Samosas(5)
    Crisp Samosas(6)

    Maida 1 ½ cups

    Ghee or oil 2 tsp

    Salt 1 tsp

    For layering 2 – 3 tbsp oil

    Water to mix

    Maida for dusting

    Any dry filling – potatoes, peas etc

    Mix flour, salt & oil with enough water to knead to a smooth dough.

    This can be done in a Food processor also.

    Sprinkle a little water , cover with a damp cloth & keep for ½ hr or so.

    Knead again & make 3 small balls of uniform size & roll out 3 discs of about the same size.

    Apply a little oil uniformly on one side of a disc , sprinkling a little dry flour & place a second disc over it.

    Follow the same procedure again.

    Roll lightly into a big chappathi 8” – 9” in diamater as thin as possible, taking care not to have a crease or a fold.

    Toast on a dry tava on both sides.

    Separate the 3 chappathis immediately (you can easily peel them off)& cover with a damp cloth.

    When pliable , cut each chappathi into 3 strips of equal width – about 2” wide.

    Trim very thick edges.

    Fold each strip into a cone (or if it is long ½ a strip is enough for a small cone )

    Stick together with maida paste.

    Stuff cone with 2 tsp of dry filling.

    Stick down flap with paste , making the samosa a neat triangle.

    Fry in hot oil till uniformly golden & drain in a kitchen tissue.

    These samosas are light & remain crisp for a long time.

    The unfried samosas can be made at leisure & put in ziplock covers & frozen.

    When you need them, take out an hour before – thaw & deepfry.

    These can be fried normally & it is not necessary to fry them for a long time on a low fire.

    Plain chopped spring or plain onions, lightly fried with spices of your choice also makes a good filling.

    These are also called cocktail samosas.

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    Semia Upma - Ideal for Breakfast.

    Semia - 1 cup (semia is also known as vermicelli)

    Water - 1 cup

    Mixed vegetables like carrot, peas & cauliflower finely chopped - ½ cup

    Onion - 1, finely chopped


    Oil - 1 tbsp

    To temper:

    Oil (& ghee) – 1 tbsp

    Red chillies - 2

    Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

    Gram dhal - 1 tsp

    Curry leaves - few

    Hing - ½ tsp

    Break semia into 2 cm pieces.

    Smear 1 tbsp oil completely on the semia & roast lightly till the colour changes, on a medium flame & keep.

    Lightly steam all vegetables.

    If you are using only carrot, capsicum & cauliflower, you can directly add without steaming.

    Keep water boiling & ready in the next stove.

    Heat a kadai, temper as given.

    Add onion.

    When onion turns transparent, add semia, fry till it becomes hot, simmer flame & add boiling water.

    Add salt & simmer closed, for the semia to absorb the water completely.

    Switch off the flame after all the water is absorbed.

    Rest for a few mts & serve.

    Normally semia takes only equal volume of water – if need be, add little more boiling water & simmer for complete cooking.


    Instead of onion, grated coconut (2 tbsp) can be added – add this after cooking is complete.

    Adding vegetables is optional.

    Roasting semia with oil is important.
    semiya upma.JPG
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