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Sweetie's Birthday Party and AyushHomam Celebration :-)) - Part 4

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by swaran, Oct 23, 2010.

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    The big days

    All things done,guests for Dhrithi's birthday were called beforehand by in-laws either through phone or making a personal visit...i personally as a mother went to call our neighbours the previous day of DD's birthday wearing a marroon coloured saree with matching accesorries...it was raining cats and dogs that whole week and all at home were worried whether all the frnds would turn up for DD's birthday...the day ended with a heavy rain


    ******Date::22nd August 2010 ******* Party start time :: 6PM ******* Venue ::Home Sweet Home(Bangalore) ******

    Morning :: My parents,Sister and Aunt had arrived from chennai...BIL also came from chennai....now they again brought wonderful dresses for DD...we kept all the dresses and decided the one for party...nope...we were not able to decide...later we wrapped the return gifts...the saplings had come in the morning...arranged the furnitures such that all get enough space,sent DD to neighbour's house to do all work a little faster and also to make DD sleep peacefully so that she would be fresh in the eve
    Afternoon :: Had lunch, decorations done,did invitation work and gave to my parents,cleared things from all rooms,kept them all in a single room which almost became a store room at the end of day along with all the return gifts and DD's birthday gifts...MIL and FIL especially are execellent cooks and hence they were busy preparing food for their grand daughter's big evening
    Evening:sent DH and BIL to collect her cake,we all dressed up but DD started becoming restless...no reason...but i guess its usual for these little ones to become restless on big days...since she was restless,we decided to put on the frock that me and DH had bought for her as it would be easy to wear and it would be easy for us to put it on her...she was still restless..it was 5.15PM...and all of us very dressed up neatly...one of the guests arrived with her family...then came in the cake in a big cardboard box...opened it up ...cake was looking simple but very cute...cute barbie dressed up in beautiful pink and white gown made of cake was greeting all our guests with both her hands straight open...very cute indeed...it was 6,no one other than the first guest had come....we were worried...actually we went to each and every neighbour's house asking them to come soon....sad thing,none were ready and Dhrithi's best friends(a family of mother father and 3 daughters who are really close to us) had not turned up.we were shocked..then we came to know that that mother was seriously ill and the whole family was in hospital...oh god...DD still restless,we cannot cut the cake with a single family...we had called 15 families...so we started taking snaps...took few snaps with restless DD....suddenly entered 2-3 families and slowly before 6.30 almost everyone reached...DD suddenly became very happy seeing all her friends..DD is very friendly with all the neighbours...all of them really loved Dhrithi and she moves with everyone..she started smiling and moving with all...she was like the parcel being passed in "passing the parcel" game...then 6.30- 6.45, we placed the candle and 90% of the guests had arrived and all the rooms were filled with people, and all of them were trying to watch Dhrithi cutting the cake...my sister made dhrithi wear the Angel wing and gave her the wand...OMG....DHRITHI was looking like a REAL ANGEL.....wow wow...All said she was looking like a cute angel

    Then we lit the musical candle and the moment it opened with the sound, all of them started singing

    Me and DD started cutting the cake..immediately BIL sprayed the snow foam on all kids and our neighbour bursted the party crakers...DD was wondering wat was happening but at the same time she was very happy seeing so many frnds around her...after cutting me and DH gave small pieces to DD and she started liking her birthday cake very much that she wanted more and more :-D ...

    took snaps with all...DD got her birthday gifts and we started giving cake,kichdi,bonda with sambar,coconut chutney and rosemilk to all...to all our surprise,the clouds that were pouring heavy rain till the previous day had not sprinkled even a single drop of rain the whole day on DD's birthday...but remained cloudy throughout....the cake was wonderful,it was soft,juicy and was made in a wonderful way...even the
    I wanted to organise games for the kids but fearing the rain,all started to leave as soon as they were done munching the hot bondas,kichdi and juicy soft cake...so i had to give up the games..after that we distributed the return gifts to kids as per their age and saplings for elders
    so almost all of the people went wen it was 8-8.30PM...One or two families came late and blessed dhrithi....so by the time all the guests had left,it was 9.30PM and my BIL and parents had to leave for the 11 PM train...so immediately they all packed up and left within half an hour...OMG...my whole body was aching,so as for my MIL and FIL but DD was in full form...she was dancing here and there,pulling things,bursting the left out balloons and collecting all the glitters that fell from the craker and balloons...inspite of all these i opened all the gifts DD had got till DH returns back from the railway station... :crazy me

    So DD's first Birthday was a grand success...

    but this is not the end of story...hey her AyushHomam story is still there na...

    just one more part more.......


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