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Son Always Want To Be With Grandparents

Discussion in 'Kids Korner' started by mcutiepie, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. mcutiepie

    mcutiepie Gold IL'ite

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    I am a working mom with a good work life balance and have 3.5 years old son. I stay with my in-laws since beginning. From last 1-2 months, my son always want to be with his grand-parents. Wants to eat in their room, play there, sleep there. I am not against of him spending time with them but I am not getting time with him and I miss him all the time. Though it is good that he is getting their love too but I want him to be with him too for some time. I get insomniac if he is not sleeping with me.

    He goes to park with me but whenever he is home, he wants to be in their room and I don't get to play with him. Any tips so that he is also with him at times.

  2. ashneys

    ashneys Platinum IL'ite

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    There are so many reasons about why a child may prefer to spend more time with the grandparents over his parents, like..
    Since you are a working mom, he may spend more time with them n even play the role of a primary caregivers
    Or they may play with him more interestingly
    Or he maybe over pampered by them
    Or Tel some stories before bed time
    Or many more reasons like this

    He may have jus built a good relationship over time, like as though they are his primary care takers n that's why he runs to them.

    But from a moms point of view, we are possessive characters after all. But He's still young, it could just be a phase, so it's not too late.

    Few things to try..
    Plan story time, play time, food time with him.
    Cook fun food with him (e.g cut bread in a funny way n put jam or pizza sauce n decorate) n eat together
    tell fun stories n feed him.
    Play board games or any games with him.
    Tell stories n ask him to tell u stories n put him to sleep.
    Have tickle monster time.
    Have huggy- kissy time.
    Make sure to have talk-y time, this is when you both will talk about anything n everything n hear each other out too even about how much you love each other.
    Ensure that you make his time at home fun with you.
    Have just mom - son time, take him out for movies, icecream, etc.
    Make sure you go out with him n hubby often too.

    Put effort n do things together. It may be a bit challenging to drag him in the beginning for everything, but eventually he will start running to you for everything. Though the mom-kid love will forever be there, sometimes it needs a bit of an effort to build n nurture a soulful connection too.
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  3. star90

    star90 Senior IL'ite

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    Don't worry.. This is just passing phase. My younger cousin used to be attached to grandparents , but now he is closer to his parents.

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