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Sewing/Stitching Patterns

Discussion in 'Sewing & Stitching' started by mathynila, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. RamyaKrishn

    RamyaKrishn Silver IL'ite

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  2. kajola

    kajola Senior IL'ite

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    re: Cuttiing/Stitching umbrella cutting salwar tops & Anarkali Kurta

    sorry to interrupt but i guess wen v ll fold d fabric in a swuare shape thn v ll fold d square shape diagonallly .
    v ll have open ends in on sides as well
    nt only at top end and bottom end

  3. artvani

    artvani Platinum IL'ite

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    re: Cuttiing/Stitching umbrella cutting salwar tops & Anarkali Kurta

    Sorry to interrupt.I thought a draft is necessary to explain.So this post

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  4. munnikusum

    munnikusum Bronze IL'ite

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    Boys Kurtha - Drafting, Cutting & Stitching Instructions

    Hi All
    here i am giving u the pattern making, cutting & stitching instruction. Please draw pattern on paper first, recheck measurement and then cut n place on fabric. Fabric estimation is measure double of length + one sleeve length + 10 to 15 cm extra.

    LENGTH = Down to knee or as per choice
    CHEST = Circumference
    SHOULDER = Width
    SLEEVE LENGTH = Full sleeve length
    SLEEVES BOTTOM = Circumference
    NECK = 1/3rd of chest + 2 ½” to 3”

    see above pattern draft in attachment

    0-1 = Full length + 1” 0-2 = 1/4th chest for armhole length
    0-3 = 1/4th chest – 1” 0-4 = ½ of shoulder + ¼”
    4-5 = 1 ½”down for shoulder shape 0-6 = 1/12th chest. Join 5-6
    0-7 = ½” down for back neck shape 0-8 = 1/12th chest for front neck length
    Draw front and back curved neck shape. 0-9 = neck – 1” open for button
    2-10 = 1/4th of chest + 2”for ease + ½”for seam 10-11 = 0-3. 3-11 is a straight line.
    11-12 = ½” inside for pocket 1-13 = ½ chest – 2”for bottom flair
    Join 10-12-13 as per shape. 13-13a = 1 ½” upside for shape
    0-1 = full length of sleeves + 1” 0-2 = 1/4th chest
    1-3 = 0-2. Draw a rectangle 0-1-3-2 1-4 = 1/8th chest + 2 ½”
    4-4a = ½” upside for shape 5 = centre point of 0-2
    5-6 = ½” inside 7 = centre point of 0-5
    7-8 = ¼”inside 6-9 = 1 ¼” inside
    2-10 = 2-5. Join 0-8-6-10 for back armhole shape. Join 8-9-10 for front armhole shape. Join 10-13.
    0-1and 2-3 = ½ chest + 1” length of the pocket. 0-2 and 1-3 = 1/8th chest – ¾”
    2-4 = 1 ½” down for shape 5 = centre point of 4-6
    6 = centre point of 2-3. Join 4-5-6.
    0-1 and 2-3 = 1” or 1 ¼” width of the collar 0-2 and 1-3 = 1/6th chest + 1”
    4 = centre point of 0-2 5 = centre point of 1-3
    3-6 = ½” upside. Join 5-6 2-7 = ½” upside. Join 4-7.Draw curved shape on 2-4.
    Mark ¼” all around the collar 1-5-6-2-4-0 extra for seam allowance.
    Length of the stripes is neck + 1”. One strip is 1 ½” width and another is 2 ½” width.
    Cut one front, one back, two sleeves, two pockets, two stripes for button and two pieces of collar. Cut one buckram piece of collar without seam allowance.
    Cut a slit at the centre front on 8-9 for front open. Join wide strip on right hand side of front. Press the seam and fold and machine. Place the narrow strip on the wrong side of the part, so that after stitching the strip will come on the top of the right side. After joining press the seam and fold on the edges. At the point 9 fold as a V shape and hem neatly. Join front and back shoulders. Place the two pieces of collar by facing right to right side and place buckram on the top and join all three pieces together on 0-4-2-6. Press the seam and turn so that buckram piece will hide inside. Stitch on the edges of the collar on right side for finishing. Fold the edges of one side of the collar and stitch. Join the other side of the collar to kurta by matching the centre on the back. Press the seam and stitch on the other part of collar by keeping seam allowance inside. Join two side pockets (see chapter 2) fold the bottom edges of the sleeves and stitch or hem. Join two sleeves. Join sides of the kurta. Fold the edges of side open and bottom flair and stitch. Mark the buttonholes on front open and stitch. Stitch buttons on front to finish the kurta.

    sandhya, just see attachment for the pattern drafting and draw same way only leave pocket part and instead of collar draw simple round neck shape and finish it by stitching same shape of fabric strip or cross strip. that will be comfortable for a young one. I think his chest size will be 18" or 20" so measure it and calculate other measurements according to that. Front open will be also 3"only. Use soft cotton fabric for small kid.

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  5. Beryl Lobo

    Beryl Lobo New IL'ite

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    Latest Salwar Kameez Chudidar Patterns, Blouse Cutting & Teddy Bear Making

    some nice patterns i had saved on my comp.

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  6. vjbunny

    vjbunny IL Hall of Fame

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    Re: BabyPanties Measurements

    It all depends on baby weight n size I am giving this what I found on net
    Newborn Measurements: Head: 14in (35.6 cm); Chest circumference: 14 in (35.6 cm); Back of neck to hip length: 8in (20.3 cm); Waist to ankle length: 12in (30.5 cm); Crotch to ankle length: 6in (15.2 cm); Sleeve length: 8 in (20.3 cm)
    1 - 3 Months: Head: 16in (40.6 cm); Chest circumference: 16in (40.6 cm); Back of neck to hip length: 9in (22.9 cm); Waist to ankle length: 13 in (33 cm); Crotch to ankle length: 7in (17.8 cm); Sleeve length: 9 in (22.9 cm)
    3 - 6 Months: Head: 17in (43.2 cm); Chest circumference: 18 in (45.7 cm); Back of neck to hip length: 10in (25.4 cm); Waist to ankle length: 13in (33 cm); Crotch to ankle length: 8in (20.3 cm); Sleeve length: 9in (22.9 cm)
    6 - 9 Months: Head: 18in (45.7 cm); Chest circumference: 19 in (48.3 cm); Back of neck to hip length: 11in (27.9 cm); Waist to ankle length: 15 in (38.1 cm); Crotch to ankle length: 9 in (22.9 cm); Sleeve length: 13in (33 cm)
    9 to 12 Months: Head: 19 in (48.3 cm); Chest circumference: 20in (50.8 cm); Back of Neck to Hip Length: 12 in (30.5 cm); Waist to ankle length: 16 in (40.6 cm); Crotch to ankle length: 10in (25.4 cm); Sleeve Length: 14in (35.6 cm)

    As you can tell from the info, you go up about an inch for most measurements each size (difference being chest circumference jumps by 2 inches in the first 3 sizes).

    Infant Shoe Sizes:
    Note that these measurements are for the finished product, & length only.

    Newborn: 3.5" (8.8 cm)
    3 - 6 Months: 3.75" (9.5 cm)
    6 - 9 Months: 4.25" (10.7 cm)
    9 - 12 Months: 4.5" (11.43 cm)

    You google using the word cloth nappy not panty you will find some site with useful resource to your needs..Good luck...At the same time please post here what size you decided and also post the panty/nappy you created so it will help others as well

    Will you please give the name price n contents of your tailoring book as I am new to sewing.......

    On net I found this tutorial n pattern hope this helps new sewers

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