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Not interested in Formula Milk- 6M DD, Plz help

Discussion in 'Baby / Kids Foods' started by ishvickey30, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. ishvickey30

    ishvickey30 Senior IL'ite

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    Hello everybody,

    My DD is 6M now she is completely on BM. so i m trying FM 2 times in a day... but she is not interested in tht at all... she dnt hv tht more than2-3 tab spoon...if i put forcefully then she split out... i try not to give bm whn she feel hungry tht time also she started crying & than sleep but dnt hv tht FM... i m trying solid ( mashed banana, apple juice, carrot) also .. she dnt like tht also... she like smtime moong dal water, smtime not also...

    so plz help me hw i m going to start. I think BM will not be enough now... she is 7.5kg....


  2. sridevipc

    sridevipc Silver IL'ite

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    hi ish , the same happened with my son
    he didn like fm initially after few days , he takes fm once in a day
    and solid food i use to giv him idly and milk for first few days he liked it after that he use o split
    then i gave idly/rice with soup then he was okay with it , i came to know that he don want to eat the same food every day
    so u try different recip a day

    i have consulted my Doc he told btwn 6 and 8 months the baby should adopt to food wat parents eat
    and this process is called familly food pot
    also try feeding the baby when it plays and keep changing the recip evry day

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