Negative Blood Test - No periods yet - Could I be pregnant ?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by MOM 2 BE, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Hi Friends,

    My cycle length is 34 days. 8 days back my primary doctor got a qualitative HCG pregnancy blood test done and it came back negative. The same day my urine was tested in the doctors office and it came back negative.

    Yesterday I tested at home with a home pregnancy test and it came back negative. Today is my 36th day and I have not got my periods yet.

    Is it possible to get back negative results and still be pregnant ? When should I get my next test done ?

    I have darkened veins all over my body and on my breasts. My breasts look a little bigger. Am i pregnant ?

    The waiting game is driving me crazy. Please help.

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    Hi Mom2Be,

    If your cycle length is 34 days, then why would you want to test 8 days earlier? I feel its too early. Even testing on 36th day is too early. Doctors generally advise to wait for 1 week after your regular cycle length before testing.

    So ideally, you should be testing on your 41st day, for accurate results.

    Please dont read too much into symptoms, they can go either way. I know the waiting game is tough, but there's no other choice except to tough it out. I wish things go well for you.

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