Moving from India to Middle East

Discussion in 'IL'ites in Dubai' started by swavin, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    Just looking for some information regarding moving to middle east for work.
    I'm married and my hubby & I are looking for a relocation.
    My husband is an Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer with an MS from UK's renowned university. He came to India to do business in electronics field and was doing it for past 7years specializing in Marketing & Business Development. But now that he wants a change and he is looking for openings in Middle East.

    I'm an MBA graduate from India with 4years of professional experience in IT and Education industry.

    We both are looking for a decent work offering in Middle East.
    Request you ppl to suggest
    • which is a good destination in middle east for us?
    • Cost of Living and Life Style choices?
      • Job portfolio available for E&I Engineer with business experience
    • What kind of Openings are there for me in UAE and other places?

      Pls help!!!

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