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Love You To The Moon & The Back - A Bunch Of Love

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by IniyaaSri, May 22, 2017.

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    Hey hi Ushag dear!!!

    Thank you so much for reading my story!
    Am very happy that you are liking it....That means a lot to me :blush::blush::blush:
    Thanks for your love and support:blush:
  2. IniyaaSri

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    :blush::blush::blush:Thank you so much dear!!!
    Brought a wide smile on my face! :blush:
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    Iniya :clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2:.superp episodes
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    Thank you so much maa :blush::blush::blush: Happy am:blush:
    Have a lovely day ahead :blush:
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  5. IniyaaSri

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    Episode 77:

    Lekha was running in a black tights and a sky blue tee shirt. Her hair was tied into a neat ponytail and she started sweating as she reached home. Her beautiful round face was looking fresh and radiant after a long time. She gasped as she sat on the sofa.

    She rested for ten minutes and took her mobile.

    “Dear…my phone got repaired. Will fix in another 2 days. Hope you are doing well. Sorry to tell you that my project work has got extended to few more days. So my stay is being extended. Couldn’t give you an exact date of my return.”

    Lekha sighed reading the mail from Amar.

    “Ok” – she replied and went for bath.

    When nothing is going to change, why I should worry! I will enjoy with what I have. Will make the best of what I have. – Lekha thought as the chill water from the shower bathed her.

    That was a Saturday morning and Rathna was standing in the balcony after brushing her teeth. She always liked people watching. She kept standing breathing the early morning air.

    Khaveer patted her right shoulder and she turned. But he was standing to her left and showed his teeth. Rathna smiled at him.

    “Have this” – He gave her a hot cup of aromatic ginger tea and a wide smile on her face.

    “Thank youuuuu. Love you” – Rathna hugged him slightly

    “Is it?” – Khaveer asked as he sipped the tea.

    “Stupid” – Rathna showed her tongue and started enjoying the ginger tea which was prepared with too much of love in it.

    Rathna slowly leaned on his shoulders and Khaveer wrapped her shoulders with his hand.

    “Have applied in numerous job portals! Nothing seems to be working….” – Rathna said in a dull tone.

    “You have skill dear. But opportunities are comparatively limited in this city. What will you do? Just keep trying. It might click someday! Don’t worry at all.” – Khaveer patted her shoulders.

    “Am thinking to learn something new…Rather than just focussing on job search.” – Rathna

    “That’s a wonderful idea. You can even learn a new foreign language if you find it interesting or useful. Anyway this is just a suggestion” – Khaveer.

    “Yeah! That’s a good suggestion! Will decide soon” – Rathna

    It was an evening and Khaveer parked his car and pressed the calling bell.

    “Welcome home Sir” – Rathna bowed at him and Khaveer laughed and gave a knock on her head and Rathna stood rubbing her head.

    “Delicious aroma!!! What have you prepared today?” – Khaveer asked as he entered the kitchen.

    “Refresh first! It’s a surprise! You will love that dish” – Rathna said trying to pushing him away from kitchen.

    “No way” – Khaveer pushed her and opened the lid.

    “Wow!!! Wheat Halwa!!! My favourite” – he looked at her and she stood angrily

    “Ok ok! Its surprise! I will forget what I saw. Ok? I will refresh and come. You surprise me. Ok?” – Khaveer said in a pleading voice and Rathna looked at him angrily.

    “Hey really! I forgot that it is wheat halwa! What is that dish? Spicy baji na?!!!” – Khaveer said trying to suppress his laughter and Rathna hit him hard on his back.

    In few minutes, Khaveer refreshed and sat on the sofa with the TV remote on hand.

    “Have it” – Rathna gave him a bowl full of Wheat halwa and he started eating it.

    “Here. Have it” – Khaveer gave her a spoon full of halwa and she ate it.

    “Its my favourite too….so….” – Rathna grabbed the bowl from him and ran away.

    Khaveer ran behind her and caught her. Both had from the same bowl and Rathna secretly observed how little he is having so that she will eat more.

    “Eat na….” – Rathna

    “Its ok. You eat! Even you like it right….” – Khaveer smiled. Though she prepared for him, finally it was she who ate more than him. That was Khaveer.

    "Get ready!!! Movie might start!" - Khaveer said as he tied his watch and Rathna came out of the room at once.

    Both were waiting in the movie theater. Rathna was wearing a long black skirt with a light brown shirt on it. Her hair was tied into a long ponytail and she had an elegant handbag hanging from her wrist.

    Khaveer was standing in the queue for buying popcorn.

    “Finally….here it is” - - Khaveer gave the butter popcorn to Rathna and sat beside her.

    “Rathna you know what….that white tee shirt guy is staring at you” – saying this Khaveer started laughing at the guy.

    “Hey idiot! So what…why are you looking at him….leave na. Its embarrassing! Don’t laugh!” – Rathna pressed his wrist.

    “No no! If I keep staring at him, he will stop staring at you na!” – Khaveer said as he laughed.

    Pure jealously…and see how he is trying to make it up. Can’t stand even if someone stars at me….my sweet idiot… – Rathna laughed within herself.

    Seeing Khaveer’s laugh the white tee shirt guy got embarrassed and stopped looking at Rathna.

    “Come! Let’s get in” – Khaveer pulled her hands and Rathna followed him with a smile.

    Both enjoyed the movie and came out of the movie theatre.

    “Shall we have lunch and go home?” – Rathna

    “Done! sit” – Khaveer started driving.

    “Khavee….” – Rathna paused

    “Hmmmm” – Khaveer

    “I am planning to learn Mandarin….No use in sitting at home just because I couldn’t get a suitable job for my profile” – Rathna

    “That’s a good plan Rathna! Checked any classes or institutions?” – Khaveer

    “Yeah! Will enquire tomorrow. Planning to join as soon as possible” – Rathna

    “Good!!!” – Khaveer smiled

    Both had a very good lunch and reached home.

    “You know what?! Your mom texted me yesterday” – Rathna said as she removed her sandals

    “Oh! What she said?” – Khaveer

    “She said she will be back in 2 or 3 months. She said she purposefully went so that we will have some space” – Rathna

    “Ha Ha!!!” – Khaveer

    “Your mom seems to be sweet! Unlike you” – Rathna said and Khaveer smirked.

    Rathna refreshed and changed to maxi. Khaveer was busy playing games in his mobile and Rathna frowned as she looked at the fingers that were constantly tapping the mobile screen.

    “Won’t you give some break?!!! How come you are able to play 24*7?” – Rathna said as she started detangling her long hair.

    “Talent!”- Khaveer replied without looking at her

    “Rathna patted his mobile screen heavily and gave an evil laugh” – Khaveer looked at her with fake anger.

    In few seconds, he resumed playing again.

    Rathna gave a knock on his head and he said “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh” in a loud raised tone.

    “Hey! Why do you shout?!!! What will the neighbours think?” - Rathna asked nervously.

    “Then! Don’t harm me” – Khaveer continued playing

    Rathna pinched him hard and again he said “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh” in a very loud voice

    “Oh God!!! Don’t behave like a kid! Shut your mouth” – Rathna’s hands were against his mouth.

    “Then don’t hit me” – Khaveer laughed.

    Rathna got angry and started braiding her detangled hair. Khaveer sneaked behind her and pinched her hip hard.

    “Hey you!” – Rathna turned and he was back on the sofa with mobile.

    “Its paining idiot” – Rathna slapped him gently and again Khaveer started “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh”.

    “Oh God!! What is the new technique” – Rathna looked at him angrily and Khaveer laughed at her angry face.

    “So I shouldn’t beat you?” – Rathna

    “I didn’t say so” – Khaveer

    “Then don’t shout!!” – saying this Rathna pinched his cheeks and again Khaveer said “aaaaaaahhhhh”.

    Rathna walked away from him and went to the bedroom angrily.

    Soon Khaveer entered the room and laughed at her.

    Rathna was getting angry to see him laughing and that made Khaveer laugh more.

    Rathna raised her hands to hit him and before even she hit him, she started “Aaaaaahhhhhh” and Rathna closed his mouth with her palm.

    “Don’t talk to me idiot” – Rathna turned away.

    “Ok. Sure. I wont talk to you! But promise me that you wont talk to me! So that I can be sure of my happiness” – Khaveer said with a laugh and Rathna was quiet.

    “Oh! Nice Rathna! Stopped talking to me?! Am very happyyyy……” – Khaveer said expecting her to fight with him. But she was quiet.

    Soon he jumped on her, held both her wrist and bite her nose and Rathna pushed him way.

    “Its paining! Stupid” – She looked angry.

    “How dare you bite my nose?!!!” – Rathna raised her hands to hit him and again he started “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”.

    And Khaveer enjoyed doing that. He laughed till his stomach hurted and Rathna was secretly enjoying everything wearing an angry face.
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  6. Anjelin

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    Nice Episode. Looks like Amar - Lekha will breakup... Give a happy ending to all the four couples:hearteyes::hearteyes:
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  7. IniyaaSri

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    Thanks dear! :blush:
    Happy ending to all four couples ?:rolleye:
    And we will be getting 'THAT' mail tomorrow!!!
    Thanks for posting your comment and have a nice day dear :blush::blush::blush:
  8. IniyaaSri

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    Episode 78:

    Jaanvi was getting ready for the movie.

    “Maa…..is the breakfast ready?! Told na….am going to movie theater with office friends!” - Jaanvi asked as she combed her curly hair. Her curly hair has grown long and Jaanvi liked it.

    Soon she got ready in a faded jean and a white tee shirt. Her curly hair was tied into a thick bouncy ponytail.

    “Maa….make it fast” – Jaanvi tied her watch and sat on the chair.

    “Here it is! Have it…..Too many movies these days?” – Chithra asked and vanished into the kitchen without expecting a reply.

    Jaanvi secretly rolled her eyes and munched the crispy dosa.

    Soon you will know mom – she chuckled and finished her breakfast.

    “Bye ma……” – Jaanvi waved her hand and drove her two wheeler.

    Arun was waiting for her near the street end and Jaanvi picked him up.

    “Nice weather na….” – Jaanvi

    “Yeah” – Arun smiled

    Both reached the movie theater and searched for their seats.

    In few minutes, they sat and the movie started.

    Jaanvi was in no mood to watch the movie. She held his hand gently and kept looking at him.

    Arun smiled seeing her act.

    “Hey shall I kiss you?” – Jaanvi asked with excitement and Arun looked at her without replying anything.

    “just one?! A quick kiss on your cheeks?” – Jaanvi

    “keep quiet Jaan! Someone might see” – Arun

    “you are doing too much! Its too dark and who is going to see”- Jaanvi said and Arun nodded his head in denial.

    “ummmaaaaaah” – Jaanvi kissed his hand quickly and smiled.

    Arun smiled seeing her and Jaanvi showed her teeth.

    “Love you so much my darling……..You would never know what you are to me…..” – Jaanvi leaned on his shoulders and Arun smiled.

    “Life is beautiful” – Jaanvi

    “Yeah yeah it will be….If we keep coming to the movie theater every now and then! Now a days too many movies Jaan! We need to set a limit” – Arun said seriously

    “Ok Sir” – Jaanvi winked.

    Sandhya tried her best and accomplished in limiting her breakfast to two idlies. Her lunch was switched from rice to roti and all her focus was to shed the weight which she has gained after marriage.

    It was an evening and she has allotted it for brisk walks to shed weight. Sandhya was wearing a dark blue leggings and a yellow floral kurthi. Her hair was tied into a bun and she wore the running shoes which Ram bought for her.

    She started walking away from her home. She kept admiring each and everything that she saw on the way. After 30 minutes, she reached a park and rested. Her face bloomed seeing a pregnant lady. She smiled seeing a group of kids playing near by. She started dreaming about her unborn baby. God!!! I have to get pregnant soon!!! Please please! Cant wait to hold my baby in my hands. Even Ram is very badly waiting for that.

    She smiled to herself. She reached home imagining how her baby will look like, how she will take care of him/her and what will they name…..All these made Sandhya smile as she reached home. She stood in front of the mirror and smiled. “Well Done Sandhya! Diet, brisk walk….!!! Feeling fit! Keep it up” saying this she patted her shoulder.

    Jaanvi: Girls! All set for Diwali? : )

    Rathna: Yeah girl! What about you?

    Jaanvi: All set! Mom started preparing sweets ; )

    Rathna: You wont help? : P

    Jaanvi: No no no!

    Rathna: Good girl : P

    Jaanvi: Tell me something new Rathna

    Rathna: Idiot. Lekha and Sandhya! Are you guys there?

    Lekha: Yes

    Rathna: Coming to home town?

    Lekha: Yeah Rathna! Mom and dad has asked me to celebrate with them. So will be there for two days.

    Rathna: Wow!!! Even I will come to mom’s home. Shall we all meet then?

    Sandhya: Wow!!! Super. We all will meet

    Jaanvi: Heyyyyyyy!!! After a long time we four gonna meet!

    Lekha: Yeah. I Missed Rathna’s wedding also.

    Jaanvi: Have to wait 1 long week to see you girls? : (

    Rathna: just one week more! Don’t worry: )

    Sandhya: Will be busy on Diwali. Shall we fix the next day?

    Rathna: Done!

    Rathna opened her cupboard and took her new Diwali saree. It was an ash colored plain silk saree with tiny golden flowers at the border. She loved it. She packed it in her suit case.

    “Khavee!!! Shall I pack your clothes too?!!” – Rathna asked as she finished packing her clothes.

    “Hey!! 1 more week left! What for now itself? I will pack mine!” – Khaveer.

    “He He He! Am too excited to go to mom’s home” – Rathna

    “I know!!! Then why don’t you go now itself?” Khaveer

    “I wont leave you and go” – Rathna kept a straight face

    “Silly”- Khaveer smiled as he was working on his official laptop.

    Rathna was busy arranging her accessories and she was called

    “What?” – Rathna stood before Khaveer

    “Seems like I need to travel” – Khaveer

    “Travel? Where?” – Rathna

    “Brazil” – Khaveer

    “What?!!!” – Rathna jerked.

    “Yeah! Business visit! A couple of days!” – Khaveer

    “Hmmmm okay!” – Rathna

    “What will you buy for me” – Rathna smiled

    “You name it! You will have it” – Khaveer smiled

    “When you have to leave!?” – Rathna

    “Probably day after tomorrow! I guess today my tickets will be booked” – Khaveer said as he swiped his mouse pad.

    “Hmmm ok then! Shall I cancel your train tickets then?” – Rathna

    “Mostly yes! Will tell you in few hours! Let my air tickets get booked” – Khaveer

    “Ok! I will have lots of time to enjoy with my friends then” – Rathna smiled.

    Next day Khaveer started packing his belongings.

    “Why do you take this much for just couple of days….” – Rathna

    “Brazil ….first time…” – Khaveer

    “By the way, long flight?” – Rathna

    “Yup. Also I have a transit in Dubai…” – Khaveer

    “Oh ok! Buy something for me from Dubai as well” – Rathna laughed.

    “Bye….Take care….Text me after you check in, then after you reach Dubai, then after you reach Brazil. Ok?” – Rathna stood near the door.

    “Done!” – Khaveer waved his hand and got into the car.

    “Bye” – Rathna waved her hand with a smile.

    Rathna: Girls! He left….Don’t know why these corporate companies doesn’t like if a couple is together: -/

    Jaanvi: Oye! Meeting is for just two days na….

    Rathna: Almost 4 to 5 days including travel. Our first Diwali…..It’s ok….He will buy things for me from Brazil. ; )

    Jaanvi: Ha Ha Ha…

    Sandhya: Hey! Imported goods huh?!!! Enjoy Rathna; )

    Rathna: Am all set for meeting you guys!!! <3

    Jaanvi: I have booked movie tickets as well! <3

    Rathna: Good girl! Love you.

    Sandhya: I cant wait to meet you girls! Even Diwali is less exciting ; )

    Rathna: lol

    The girls were chatting happily without knowing what is going to happen on "Diwali".

    It was more than 24 hours since Khaveer started from home. Rathna was waiting for his text. But there was none. She was thinking about him as she logged into her facebuk account.

    Rathna’s eyes popped seeing that photo posted by Khaveer.

    That was a group photo and the caption was “My friends” and the location showed Sao Paulo,Brazil.

    Friends?!!! How come?! He would have just landed in Brazil
    – Rathna was puzzled as her eyes scanned that group photo.

    This is looking like a restaurant? May be a bar? Rathna was confused.

    There were totally 6 boys and 5 girls. And Khaveer standing with them with a ‘very’ happy face.

    “What is this?!!!” – Rathna was thinking hard.

    Her browser was too slow and the page struck. She refreshed the page and she froze seeing that photo. Her eyes were becoming watery.

    A girl was hugging ‘her’ Khaveer and that was a tight kiss on his cheeks. Only Khaveer’s half of the face was visible in that photo. But its him. No doubt on that.

    Rathna covered her mouth as tears were running on her cheeks on seeing that photo.

    “What is this?!!!” – Rathna looked at the photo again.

    Tears started overflowing on seeing that.

    Rathna once again looked at the photo. The girl had wheatish skin tone. Dark black hair. She was wearing a low cut tube top and a mini short pant which was barely five to six inches from her bikini line.

    The more she looked at that dress the more she cried.

    “What is this?!!! What kind of dress is this?!! Hugging my Khaveer?! Kissing him?”

    “Above all happily posting in Facebuk?” – Rathna cried.

    Her heart skipped a beat seeing the caption for that photo It was “My Love” followed by many kissing smileys and red heart in.
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  9. Lata6

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    Omg, how is this possible? There was a real life story sometime back where husband left wife on day 2 after marriage but here they know each other? Khaveer has a twin brother?
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  10. anupama1

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    Lekha is already upset about Sharoon now Khaveer .....
    New twists good going.
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