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Looking for family safe apartments in Fort. Lauderdale area. Indian communities?

Discussion in 'Indians in Miami' started by emkaykay, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. emkaykay

    emkaykay New IL'ite

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    We are moving with my family (wife and 5 yr old kid) to Ft. Lauderdale area and are looking for apartments to lease out (company paid). We checked out apartments.com, move.com etc looking for good apartments and found some really nice ones. But we also found on apartmentreviews.com that many in the Pompano beach / Ft.lauderdale area complaining about safety issues especially for families with kids. I was wondering if any of you can recommend any places to look for?

    We're looking for 1 bedroom, preferably furnished apartments within 33309 area with proximity to shopping area and schools. If there is any Indian communities we can join, that would be great.

    Thanks all.

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