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Inspiring Stories

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by reca, May 30, 2018.

  1. reca

    reca Silver IL'ite

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    Hello Girls,
    Do you have stories that will inspire others to push themselves to the next level and bring out best in them ? Do share here :) , it could be your own story. Your Journey towards success. Your efforts for what you are today and what you have achieved in life till date.
    Best Regards,
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  2. Iravati

    Iravati Platinum IL'ite

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    I have always towed along strong-willed women around me as family or friends. I am the weakling amongst them!

    I am intrigued by these goofy women who seem to possess rare humor even in tragic situations. Growing up, that affected me very much, their ability to deprecate and joke about their tribulations.

    I don't have any incident in particular to recount as such temperament was consistent across all their interactions. But there's an incident where I had to meet a friend going through a very unfortunate transition and I was apprehensive of my interaction, lest I say something facetious and upset her. To my utter surprise, she teased me on my solemn demeanor and cracked me up. I adore such people who surmount their untold and crested misery through silly giggle and jaane bhi do yaaron optimism.

    My own story so far is very boring and will put anyone to sleep or palsy or both. In fact, I don't have a story. My narratives are hiccups and ant-bites and not too dramatic and transformative even for my own reflection. But I have grown up with upbeat friends who have instilled that spirit in me: nothing is too worrisome or bothersome in life, except our imagined fear of even the worst situation. Mark that.
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