Ignite your Passion - 2012 New Year Resolutions Contest

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by Srama, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Share your commitments, make resolutions for 2012, use RMI role models to fulfill your aspirations. Be held accountable, hold your friends accountable. Skim off the energy, passion and drive of others who have already done exactly what you are looking for!

    Winning entries selected by Role Model Mentors will be offered personal guidance and planning sessions with the mentors/life coaches. All entries will be entered to win a gift voucher for $100. The contest closes on 31 Jan 2012 and must be submitted on RMI website for consideration.

    Thank you for your participation and congratulations on your first step on a great journey.

    To ignite your passion visit, www.rolemodelinitiative.com log in and create a new topic by using the “Create Topic” option.

    Admin Note: This is a sponsored thread.

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