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how to make my husband to understand me

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by infotech, Feb 21, 2012.

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    hello friends,
    I am married for 5 years with no child. My problem is my husband loves me but doesn't care for my feelings. I dont undestand this strange behaviour of him. When I tell him my feelings he dosent even consoles me rather asks me not to strain to much by thinking.
    For example if I ask for a child, he says it will happen automatically.But due to my compulsion we are taking treatment . And if I ask for something like mobile or a ring he dosent cares for it and dosent buy me anything what I ask for. But if he thinks it is important for me he buys me costlier than what i needed. I cant explain his behaviour.
    I asked him for a mobile for more than 2 years (not even costlier one and he is affordable to buy) he still says u have a mobile now to speak. He says he will do everything for me but asks me to be patient. But how long I will be patient for all those simple things. He says he know what to do me for me and when to do.
    I dont even buy a single product of myself. And being a home maker I dont have my own money, I save whatever he gives me and when a lumpsum amt comes I give him back without taking a penny from that. Pls tell me ladies whether I should save money for myself. Also tell me how to make him understand my feelings.

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    Better take up a job or improve your prospects, it will save you a lot of agony. Its useless to ask DH to pay attention to you all the time , he must be busy with his job. Since you are alone at home you keep thinking about a few issues all the time.
    Ask him to buy a new mobile for himself then you can take his old one!
    Many DHs find womens obsession with buying rings, earrings irritating , they feel its a waste of money.Exchange some old jewellery for new to satisfy your urge.
    Take up a hobby course or do something constructive , you will develop self confidence and self respect.

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