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How Should We Handle These Two : Dh And Bil(sis Dh)

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by preeti6years, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. preeti6years

    preeti6years Senior IL'ite

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    I had always made him a priority but neither he nor his family kept that up.
    I gave up so many things from my side just because he will not appreciate it. The more I gave up the more was an attempt to suppression.
    It was he who never made me feel important infront of his family except during pregnancy. He always made it obvious from his actions that his parents and bro come first and not me. That is what I meant on my previous post. They do not reveal their ugly behavior to each other. Inturn magnify our actions as something criminal and unacceptable.
    Seeing all this for a longer period of time I decided to take a strong stand.
    And I have never been unreasonable wanting to visit my mom. Being in the same city I plan to visit her once in two months for a day or two which I think is not bad at all.
    And I never bring up my family discussion infront of him if that is what is understood from my post. It's only he who gets to know the updates from bil.

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