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How Much Of Ego Is Ok..

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by Sweety2016, Dec 8, 2017.

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    I hope some of the replies here led to some introspection and DH has made the transition from being Assoulmate to Soulmate ! Happy anniversary !
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    Hey friends,

    Thanks all..
    @ Rihanna a big vow for those oxymorons loved it!
    @Sandycandy :):)

    So how it went:
    Pals, dont pounce on me..It did not go well inspite of him bringing a cake and a gift. He was watching some random movie till 4 in the night whereas I was waiting for him in the room after putting baby to sleep. Already I was having terrible moodswings as I took an I Pill and this triggered me completely. I fought with him badly. When baby started crying, i felt horrible and tried making up..It was already noon by then. We left baby in the creche and wandered aimlessly untill we stumbled upon an invitation for an engineering expo..We rode there and as we both are v keen about technological breakthroughs, we whiled out around 5 hours roaming in the stalls. Picked up baby, went to temple and then home. I did not do anything for him.

    When I thought what is the true gift I could give him? the answer revealed itself crystal clear and its nothing but peace of mind...Of late i find myself so cranky, more crankier than my kid and an attention seeker when it comes to my H. So i am taking baby steps to handle my temperaments myself and give him some space. The guy is ambitious and passionate but doesn't have a stable job. but me here has excellent job but no passion as it used to be..Nowadays I am always attracted towards relationship issues in the social media as if that is the only thing in the world . I had been browsing rel forums on different sites day in and out..at times 8-10 hrs at a stretch and the negativity is taking a toll on me..So decided to help my H to realize his defined passion and in the process trying to revive my own purpose of life.

    Wish me luck ladies..If somebody sees me strolling near relationship forums, throw me away:) Love you all:)
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