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Honey of good quality

Discussion in 'Nature Cure' started by tinku, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. tinku

    tinku Silver IL'ite

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    Hi ILs,

    People are often trying to find good quality honey from the shops. They argue which brand is best.

    And finally end up paying a good amount to the sugar-syrups that are branded as honey.

    The news I am going to share here might be known to many already,but still want to share to let others too know.

    Recently I bought honey from Sarvodaya Sangam (khadhi Gramyog) and the honey was branded as pure and manufactured by
    Marthandam Theni valarpor Kooturavu sangam Ltd, Kaya kumari district.

    The honey has agmark label and the seal of the state government. I think its hard to find such a good quality honey now-a-days and hence thought of sharing it.

    I hope ILs can now fill salads and other recipes with pure honey apart from using for weight reduction and other purposes.
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  2. rkgurbani

    rkgurbani IL Hall of Fame

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    Will try to see if this brand of honey is available. My DH is very particular of honey as he has it with his milk and cereals at breakfast. He just loves honey on toast and even has it with vanilla icecream instead of choclate sauce and on pancakes instaed of the usual maple syrup.

    Many a times, we buy honey of very well known brands, but sadly, there is not much flavour to it or it has been processed way too much and all the nutrients and goodness is lost.

    Thanks a lot

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