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High Chair/ Booster Seat..need Advice Pls

Discussion in 'Infants' started by Needtobestrong, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Needtobestrong

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    I'm living in India..
    Have few doubts..
    1. When is best time to put baby in high chair to give solid feeds..when baby is able to sit with support or when baby is able to sit without support for long?
    2. Which is better..high chair or booster seat?
    3. Till what age can high chair be used?
    4. Does sitting on high chair cause strain to back of baby when baby is just starting to sit up with support? Few people told me that its causes strain to back and not to use till baby is 1 year old atleast..
    5. I'm in India..kindly recommend some nice products..high chairs and booster seats available at reasonable price..
    6. Any good brands for booster chair cum high chair combined? I came across few brands like fisher price that have high chair that can be assembled and used as booster chair and table..how good is it?

  2. DDream

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    I think baby should be able to sit himself without support will be the best time. If baby can sit one can start it even when baby is 4-6months . It depends on the baby.

    I used high chair from 6 month to 2-years or when I felt baby has overgrown the size of chair. Later I used booster seat to adjust hight so that my kids can use dining table.

    Now very supporting booster seats which can be connected to chair, are available which we can use even in young age, so no need to buy high chair.

    I think if we get good booster seat you can use it for long by adjusting it to baby/kids' needs. Use a stable chair to connect it safe

    I live in USA, this is the high chair I used
    Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair | W3066 | Fisher-Price
    But for younger one I switched to something similar to this even when she was 1.5y( most kids will be ready to use booster seat by 18 to 24 months) . I used it to four years[ removed the tray] When she started using table . I like this one better baby feel part of family by sitting in similar chair like others while being part of big action like lunch/dinner. High chair may be isolating but when they are very young they don't understand it

    Buy Fisher Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in

    The following article give you more idea
    When can my baby use a booster seat?

    Make sure that baby is locked well and some one is with them when using high chair to prevent falling hazards.
    Good luck
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  3. soumya234

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