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Has Mil Taken Care Of Her Mil?

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by Desiindian, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Hello blessed,

    I agree with what you said, You did a good job of taking care of your MIL, yes it is a normal human nature to feel that my MIL never cared for her, But still I cared for her in old age. What ever may be the case, You did what you have to do from your end, Karma definitely plays in every one's life, You don't know what hardships she had faced in her life too for the deeds she had done in the past, definitely she would had felt bad ,If she had done a mistake and would had blessed you in her heart for the things you had done to her. Definitely you will be peaceful and happy in your old age, with out any guilt in your heart.
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