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god indian hair dye

Discussion in 'Hair Care & Hair Styles' started by rushme, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. rushme

    rushme New IL'ite

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    hi ladies

    i'm having problems in choosing a good indian permenent hair dye. i had tried the l'oreal brands but it didn't work for me - itching scalp & hair fall. i heard that powder dye's are better so i tried bigen but it really dries the hair. i'm thinking of trying godrej and now there are so many varities to choose from that i'm confused. has anyone tried godrej - if so - which one?

    the godrej expert powder hair dye has many varities - has anyone tried the pink sachet - the gentle black? i prefer darker colors.

    has anyone trired godrej renew - powder or cream?

    or color soft - the soft black?

    please help & recommend - i have falling hair problem as well - so i'm looking for something gentle & yet it should color well & not dry the hair too much.


    can't seem to edit the heading that should be good - not god!!
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  2. coolsandy

    coolsandy Gold IL'ite

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    what color are you looking for? only black? If you are ok with maroonish/copper/red shades, you can try the very old Henna.

    My mom had used Godrej powder hair dye for years.. colored it black.. but there is nothing called permanent.. because hair grows and it would retain its original shade from the roots.
    She has recently switched to henna and prefers it now a days for many reasons.

    1) Keeps the head cool
    2) Natural hair dye
    3) Henna is a conditioner too :)

    Trust me.. apply henna and you are going to love the shade

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