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food for 6months baby

Discussion in 'Baby / Kids Foods' started by nlrs, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. nlrs

    nlrs New IL'ite

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    after 1 month my babies age will be 6months.please suggest what type of food should i introduce her at starting and what others food items i have to add slowly.experience moms please help me so that i can give good food to my baby.

  2. kishoremommy

    kishoremommy Platinum IL'ite

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    Start with puzhungal arisi kanji.Soak boiled rice in water for 1 hour.Dry it in sun.Then roast it in light flame till it smells nice.Powder it finely by giving in grinding mill.Make a little kanji either using a pinch of salt or a teaspoon sugar.Don't add milk.This should be the first food.

    Boiled rice is easily digestible.As weeks pass on you can add roasted moong dal,pottukadalai,ragi one by one along with this rice powder.

    Another first food is ragi.Soak ragi night itself.By morning,grind it with water in mixie and filter it with tea filter.The fine liquid should be made into kanji by cooking in medium flame.Don't forget to add extra water as it solidifies faster on cooking.

    This is a long process.So,after a week ,you can replace it with ragi powder kanji.

    Introduce one new food at a time.Check for any allergic symptoms like vomiting,gas,diarrhea.If it happens ,stop for a few days and give in small portions.

    Always give new food at morning time.

    All the best.
  3. blessbabydust

    blessbabydust IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi nlrs
    solids food for 6 months are below :-
    1. Fruit puree - boil apple ,carrot and put them in food processor and make it like a paste
    2. Veg puree - boil peas,beans and put them in food processor and make it like a paste
    3. Mashee Mishi - boil potatoe and mash it with a dash of milk and 1 tsp of butter
    4. custard - you can buy readymade custard powder and make it with mothers milk or formula milk
    5. Rice kanji - Boil rice + 1 tsp of yoghurt + egg yolk (boiled) and mash them well
    6. Orange juice - peel the thin skin of orange and mash the orange well
    7. banana smoothies- blend banana with formula/mothers milk
    8. only give egg yolk not white until they are one (very important)
    also you can boil one or two leave of greens (preferably spinach for iron content ) in each of the puree even fruit puree and avoid giving them chocolate or sugary item until they turn 2 ...

    These are the food i gave for my son when he was 6th month now he is 13th month ,......... feed them with egg yolk in alternative days for calcium .

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