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Diet Chart for Preschooler going to Daycare

Discussion in 'Baby / Kids Foods' started by kj2008, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. kj2008

    kj2008 Senior IL'ite

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    Hi mommies,

    Can u please share the diet plan for ur kids who goes to childcare...I feel he is not getting enough...very skinny..How do I improve on this?

  2. aries21

    aries21 New IL'ite

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    Hello kj2008,

    I assume your kind must be 3-4 yrs of age. Most kids of this age are fussy eaters. You will be knowing what are his likes and dislikes. Try to give what your kid likes to eat (u shoud make healthy choice and avoid junk food and artificial foods)
    Kids always love varieties and colorful foods. Try to make the food you prepare colorful and easy to eat.
    Try giving dry fruits and nuts which are good source of fats, proteins and are very healthy.
    Kids love to eat sandwiches, rolls (chapati or paratha's) which are easy for them to eat and are attractive too.
    Also for packing lunch- You can add few (2-3) types of cut fruits, sandwiches (add cheese and butter so that even though your child eats little it will be rich and healthy.
    You can give some healthy cookies, fruit cakes along with fruits for lunch. You can give fruit puddings which most of the kids like.

    Milk is very essential for child's growth. Give atleast twice a day adding some powders like complan/horlicks etc. See to it that atleast he has proper breakfast when he's at home with you.
    One of the best food which you can prepare is- roast 3-4 varieties of pulses (like bengal gram dhal. green gram dhal etc) and add roasted almonds and cashews to this and powder it, add sugar powder and store it. Make sure you sieve the mixture finely. You can add this powder to milk twice a day which is highly nutritious.

    Regarding your child being skinny, dont worry about that if he's fit and active. Most kids during young age will be hyperactive and burn all their calories in their activity and playing. Also, some kids have the heriditary of being thin if their parents are thin.
    Some kids may not like to eat alone at schools as they should get adjusted to the new place. In that case make
    sure he/she has good breakfast and dinner when he's at home.
    Happy parenting :)


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