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Daddy returns a serial story by sho chapter 7

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by shobimanju, Dec 4, 2011.

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    lChapter 7

    Nick was not sure of the time whether he is early or late . All the way back home they were busy discussing how they should behave at home so that his parents or anybody else will not suspect his presence. Normally when he returns home his mother would have set dinner table and wait for him in the hall watching television. Thoughtfully he rang the bell. To her surprise Nick was at the doorstep.

    “Hai dear! How come you are early today?”

    “Actually ma…ma… I …I was late for the class so… I did not attend the class today” Somehow he muffled the sentence.

    She was more surprised now to look at him talking so softly. She quickly scanned him top to bottom to her relief nothing seemed to be wrong but she was little worried.

    “Then what happened honey? Where were you so long?”

    Nick thought she would scold him but looking at her reaction he felt relieved too.

    “Nothing wrong mama, in the church I got a new friend. I was talking to him and I did not realize the time that’s why it got late”

    “Ho! Why were you looking so troubled? I was scared if something went wrong really”

    She looked clear now. Its fine as far as nothing is wrong for her little one.

    “I thought you would scold me for not attending the class, mama”

    “mm… do you want me to? But Nick I have warned you not to talk with any strangers didn’t I?” she tried to be little stern.

    “Sorry mama. Actually he is very good mama”

    “Oh! Is that so Mr.? She tilted her mockingly at him and smiled. “Fine now go get ready for dinner okay?” She tapped on his back and took him along with her inside the house.

    Before he entered the house he turned back signaled grandpa to follow him who was silently watching the scene. He wondered the smartness of the boy. How cleverly he managed the situation. Though he was happily observing things happening outside, but his inner feelings…..? He couldn’t explain. He looked up and lifted his hands

    “Thank god! May be it’s for this you made me wait for so long”

    He stood like that for a while and slowly, hesitatingly entered the house. Nobody was there, where he could have gone. He moved his eyes all around the rooms three or four doors were there which one to go into? Then he noticed a staircase deciding to climb up he walked towards that. Suddenly he heard the thudding noise of somebody running he looked up to see. It was Nick; he came running in search of grandpa. When he saw him climbing he stopped and showed action to come fast.

    He smiled and said “I was searching for you Nick. You didn’t tell me where your room is”.

    “It’s up there” he pointed out and asked “What were you doing outside grandpa? Mummy took me to the room. She is still there inside. You be in the room grandpa I will bring dinner for you okay?” He whispered hurriedly and ran into the room.

    When he entered the room his mother was getting his bed ready “You spoil the room badly Nick. It’s high time you learn to keep things right do you understand?”

    “Okay mama I need the coach near the bed” he dragged the coach near his bed and set the cushion “Like this mama I have to sit and watch TV”

    “Alright come lets go down” saying she walked out of the room. Nick soon pulled grandpa to coach and almost pushed him on it and said “I will come back after dinner grandpa till then you relax yourself however you want, you can use anything in this room. Wanna watch TV?” Not waiting for his reply he switched on the TV and reduced the volume. Grandpa nodded his head

    “I’m comfortable Nick you carry on” He smiled to himself looking at Nick acting like a grown up. Nick felt the same too he thought he has grown up suddenly he had more responsibilities now he had to take care of an elderly man is it not? He also felt proud of his super natural power. He started thinking whether he should tell about this to his friends or not.

    “I should talk to grandpa regarding this” he thought for himself.

    When he reached down his father had already come “Hai daddy”

    “Hai sweetheart” he took him in his arms and went into the room. After a while both of them come to the dinning table where his mother had kept things ready. They were chatting about all the matters happened in the day all three of them had dinner

    “What’s the matter dear?”

    Suddenly his father asked him. He might have noticed the hurry in him, there was an urge in everything he did.

    “I see you are in hurry dear, what happened? You got to do something?” he continued.

    “Nothing daddy I got something to read that’s all”

    He could hardly hear his voice himself.

    “Shall I take something to the room also mama so that I can have later in the night?”

    “Sure dear”

    “Thank you mama” Looking at him filling a bag of eatables she asked

    “Are you planning to sit for the whole night dear?”

    “No no”

    Shyly he gave a smile he understood he has taken too much. She laughed loudly and said

    “See to that you don’t over eat and also get enough sleep eh?”

    He nodded his head, wished them both goodnight and ran out of the place before they could question him anymore. When he entered the room, Grand pa was watching out through the window. He seemed to have completely lost in his thoughts.

    “Grandpa” he whispered gasping for breath


    He turned back with a jerk. But he was so happy see him standing gasping with a big parcel in his hand.

    “Such a big bag for how many days you have brought it for?” he pulled him close and sat in the coach.

    “You should be feeling hungry grandpa; you can have as much you want”

    “Oh dear! I will tell you something? I do not feel hungry. You did n’t let me say about that before you left is it not?”

    “Really! But I have studied nobody can live without food and water”

    “Yes of course that’s true for normal people. You know I am not a normal person right?”

    “Oh alright! What made you like this grandpa now tell me everything about you? Let’s think how to come out of this problem grandpa”

    “Okay, okay, I’m gonna tell everything to you dear. I have been having this for quite a long time now you are there who can see me and hear me, the only one who can infact. So I’m gonna say everything that is in my mind to you only dear hmm… have patience, Now tell me what have you told your parents down, you are gonna study isn’t it?”

    “Haan! Grandpa you came down?”

    He only shook his head.

    “Hey that means you over heard us”

    “Oh my!! Please forgive me my boss!! There was no secret anyway. But I came down to tell you I don’t want any food so that you need not lie to your parents”

    “I see…? Then why didn’t you tell me”

    “I don’t know. I actually was little scared if your father could also see me and if he doesn’t want me to stay here…” He stopped thinking about the irony so long he was waiting for somebody who could see him now it’s become the other way round.

    He too nodded his head agreeing to that.

    “Yeah… Yes grandpa you are right. But he is very good grandpa he might also help us if he comes to know about this”

    “Anyway let’s not take chance grandpa”

    He thanked him for not waiting for his reply. To change the topic he said

    “You first take keep your study materials out dear before they come”

    After keeping the things ready he locked the door carefully. Both of them took comfortable positions one to tell and the other one to listen.

    Shobana Manjunath

    will continue tomorrow with Grandpa's story.....

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    Hmmmmm..........so what is the story of the oldie :)
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  3. SujySreeram

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    Waiting for the next chapter :)
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  4. vjbunny

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    Superb suspense full of emotions....
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  5. sapthu02

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    awesome.. i love the cute kid..
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    Hai Manju,

    Superb da.....

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