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Crime And Punishment .

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by ksuji, Feb 3, 2019.

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    That was a roadside tea shop. Some 10 people were standing on the platform outside the tea shop either drinking tea or waiting for tea . Govindan Nair was preparing tea for them . His friend Achyuthan was standing near him , taking a cup of tea. .

    An old gentleman with full grey hairs, and a jolna bag hanging from his shoulder, came to the shop . He asked Nair for a cup of tea, got it , drank it , kept the glass on the table and started to move.

    Achyuthan was silently observing .

    Nair called the old man with the help of someone taking tea there .

    “ You didn't pay for the tea “, said Nair .

    “ Oh ,......” murmured the old man , “ how much ?”

    “ 10 rupees”, said Nair .

    The old man was trying to pick up the amount from his pocket. .

    Achyuthan , in a low voice , asked Nair ,

    “ is it not 8 rupees , why did you ask him to pay 10 rupees for a tea ?”

    Nair said ,”without making payment he tried to move away”.

    Achyuthan said,” obviously , he forgot “ .

    The old man gave a 20 rupee note to Nair.

    Nair received the note and kept it in the cash box ; he then started to prepare tea for others .

    The old man, without demanding for the balance, started to move .

    Nair prepared tea and gave them to two persons . By this time the old man had covered a distance of about five metres.

    Achyuthan told Nair ,”you didn't return the balance to him “.

    “Oh! I forgot “, said Nair ,” please call him “.

    Again , someone waiting for tea, called the old man and he came to the tea shop .

    Nair returned the 20 rupee note to the old gentleman.
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