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Chemistry of Motherhood : Part II

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by subhsk, May 11, 2009.

  1. subhsk

    subhsk Senior IL'ite

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    For Those who had not read the part one. Read it in this link : Chemistry of Motherhood : Part I

    Inspite of 40 views to the Part I, I didn’t get even a single comment.
    I heard the visitors reprimand: “The title does not justifies the content SK”

    Mmm you are right…

    Let’s just give a pause before answering the above.

    It was an auspicious day Vamsi joined his 1st standard. Mom was very much fond of him that she didn’t allow to join him in KJ’s so early.

    Vamsi learnt Alphabets, rhymes, words, numbers, parts of body, days, months, fruits, birds, animals everything with a single teacher- Mom

    “ Akka… Miss is calling you “ … Ahhh got the first call from his class teacher.

    “ See ma.. your brother is not writing anything we teach. He sits reaction less even when I scold him. This is happening everyday. He is neither listening to any class. He seems very much impassive in his studies. He agitates his neighbors too. Ask your parents to come and meet me tomorrow“

    From the very next day, one more task adds on to my mom’s work schedule. She comes early to school to writes all his class notes.

    Every day he got nice beatings from mom during study time at home.

    Mom feeds him more food. When we get angry we sputter out all food. But he is completely different. He eats everything. He takes more food; more than his mouth can hold and eats like hanuman.

    Complaints from teachers, parents of his classmates, neighbors earned him more scolding, beating from mom.

    “ Romba nallavan, Yevlo adichalum vaangipaan” haha

    At the same time, he recharges the very moment mom leaves him and starts his next game.

    He is least afraid of mom’s tool; Long comb, “ Matthu kombu “, “Dosai karandi” and I have never seen him shedding tears .

    The great secret is, mom never scolds or beats him when dad is at home.
    If he is at home, before she finishes her first sentence of scolding, he will scream and cry as if some one is hanging him.

    Very great thing about Vamsi is: he never complains to dad whatever happens in his absence. (Gr8)

    Dad of course knows the current affair of Vamsi’s mischievous.

    “Akka mam is calling you…”: here comes another invitation Uhh..

    Vamsi stood like Mudhalvan Arjun. Completely drenched in dirty water and clay.

    Ho my god… is there no bound to his play ……??

    First instant had to wait for a long time near boy’s rest room, while “aayama” was cleaning him inside.

    The plant on which I dried his cloths is now a big tree. hehehe

    “Have lunch together “. This is one of the unacceptable irritating rule of dad. When it is the period to sit with friends and enjoy the lunch, I had to eat with brothers. :-(

    I opened the lunch box. Hey is there any drought at home? I could see only few food particles sticking here and there in the box. Let me see the other box. Oops.. all were empty.

    Two days…same condition. Same hunger….

    “Amma,why are you not packing lunch for us?? “

    “Why , what happened? I am cooking special lunch all these days by reading new recipes “

    “We are keeping lunch box in Vamsi’s class room as I feel difficult to carry to second floor. Some of his friends have finished it off. He is too careless.”

    “ Ok from tomorrow, keep it in Ramanan’s class.”

    So…this is how my school days passed with a complaint every day.

    Apart from this, we kids play together and enjoy.

    When he was in his 7th standard, His dad got voluntary retirement and took him back to our home town.

    Then I realized the pain. Day’s without him was too boring and worse. I missed him a lot.
    In spite of all small.. small temporary anger I had on him… there was a hidden love, affection and care.

    His dad got re-married and there were many changes and burdens in his life. The pain that his little heart couldn’t hold.

    If he had been with us, his current position would have not come to him. He is now 1st year student staying alone with our grand mother.

    Whatever may be the issue, when my mom says do this… he does it without any second thought – which we don’t .

    If he hears anyone gossiping even a silly issue about my mom, he becomes furious enough to hit them.

    I still wonder…. What’s happening between them? How can he be so much attached to her forgetting her weapons?

    I still wonder… what induces tear in her eyes when we speak about Vamsi.

    It is not mere affection.. Seems something more than “valartha paasam “.

    I salute this chemistry of motherhood.

    Secret Note:
    That lunch box story was later revealed by the culprit himself – who is none but Vamsi.
    While the classes were boring to him, he had asked his benchmates to watch out and he had completed the lunch.
    “You know kka… mom’s food was tempting me more, and I couldn’t control myself :rotfl- This was the statement he told after 8 years of the incident.

    Naughty Boy :)


  2. Mindian

    Mindian IL Hall of Fame

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    dear sk
    i read both your posts today and found it very touching..
    the emotions that you and the others have portrayed are so very natural..your jealousy over vamsi, parents being more tolerant of him because he lost his mother,he being naughty with all the over attention..
    i am so glad that vamsi and your mom still share that lovely bond ..there is a saying that one does not become a mother merely by giving birth..so true in this case

  3. subhsk

    subhsk Senior IL'ite

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    Hi Mindi...

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for leaving First response.
    You are absolutely right Mindi. Motherhood is not a feel bound to mothers alone or to the own babies. If this is not true there would be no "Mother Tersa" or the orphange homes that gives life to so many kids.


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