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Beware of this Sublease Scam!!

Discussion in 'Indians in Chicago' started by Nishka123, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Nishka123

    Nishka123 New IL'ite

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    HI ,

    This post is about my own experience. Recently we were trying to sublease our apartment to move elsewhere . I had given an ad in Sulekha for the same.
    I got many responses enquiring about the apartment.

    Below is one such email..

    "I am interested but i am currently out of town for my project i'll be arriving soon am also working on my flight arrangement and securing a new job so you can imagine how hectic it is for me right now .My phone number is (530) 645-2517 since im out of town you cant reach me due to bad network coverage....I can only receive text for now.I want to secure the place upon my arrival.A check will be sent to cover the rent in which you will deduct the rent and the balance will be remitted to my Travelers Agent as regards of my flight schedule to be arranged immediately it is a way of helping me due to my hectic schedule so to make it easier let me have your full name and address to ensure the check to cover the rent and other expenses is sent to secure the place."

    Please be aware that this is a check scam happening all around US , specially targeting Indians.

    They ask you for your complete Address and Name and send a dummy check to you. Then later they harass you to give back the money . Please make sure to verify the identity of the person before proceeding with subleasing or renting.


  2. butterflyice

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    Thanks for sharing this information with us @Nishka123. We need to be doubly careful before giving out personal details.

    Have you reported this to Police?

    However I am at a loss to understand how these people can harass us when the check is dummy. When I receive it, I will obviously not be able to cash it. I owe no money to anyone. Also if verbal harassment happens over phone, we can report it to Police right?

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