Ayurvedic tips for normal delivery.

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    Ayurvedic tips for normal delivery.

    Every woman who is pregnant looks forward for a normal delivery as in normal delivery there are no post delivery problems in the long run. But today's hectic life and stress is leading to an increased number of cesarean deliveries. Taking balanced and nutritious diet is the foremost ayurvedic tip for the normal delivery.

    What is a Normal Delivery?

    Normal delivery is through vagina of mother's body. In normal delivery children are born between the 36th and 39th week of pregnancy. There are three stages in normal delivery
    • • Dilation
    • • Expulsion
    • • Placenta
    The first stage of normal delivery starts when the cervix is 3 cm dilated. The actual process of dilation causes the onset of labour. Full dilation occurs when the cervix opens so wide that the head of the baby can come out of it and this is normally 10 cm. The duration of labor varies from woman to woman but if it is your first delivery then it may last for 8 hours or more and if it is your second or proceeding normal delivery then it is usually less than the first one. After every hour the cervix dilate to 1.2 cm for the period of two hours.

    Second stage in normal delivery is of expulsion that happens when the cervix is fully dilated and ends with the birth of the baby. Beginning of second stage in normal delivery starts when the head of the baby is engaged in pelvis. The largest diameter of the baby's head has passed through the pelvic brim. Till now the head has also passed through the narrowest part of the pelvis that is below the interspinous diameter. Now the fetus head has to pass through the pubic arch and introitus. The fetal head at this point becomes visible in normal delivery and called "crown". Successful completion of the fourth stage happens with the head out. This is followed by fifth and sixth mechanism of normal delivery.

    In the third stage of the normal delivery placenta is expelled out of uterus and this happens after the birth of the child. It comes out after 15 to 30 minutes of the birth of the baby.

    Ayurvedic Tips For Normal Delivery

    Antenatal care is must during pregnancy that means expected mother should be cared properly during this period. According to Ayurveda it is called Masanumasiki chikitsa. The meaning of word Masanumasiki is month-to-month treatment. As per ayurveda different food habits and treatments are required every month for a normal delivery. According to ayurveda there are nine varied groups of medicines and herbs for each month. Also ayurvedic tips for normal delivery emphasis on panchakarmas for purification if you have any doshas.

    According to ayurveda, in every month different dahtu i.e. body building substance is formed in the baby's body. So for the proper development of dhatu meal and ayurvedic medicines should be taken for that month. Apart from diet for normal pregnancy there are many issues that are treated with ayurveda. High blood pressure is the most common of all these issues. Along with this diabetes, vomiting, hyperacidity, premature birth etc can also be seen. The effect vary from person to person. These problems can be treated with ayurveda.
    • • Walking is the best of all for a normal delivery. You should start walking as soon as you feel the first sign of labor. Doctors even recommend walking through out the labour pain.
    • • From seven months onwards you can take the milk with garlic paste. For this boil the garlic paste in milk and consume it.
    • • From nine months onwards for normal delivery take the drink made from roasted anise seed and water. To make this drink boil roasted anise seed in water and drink it.
    • • Have pomegranate juice daily as it ameliorates the blood cells of both baby and mother. With this juice your baby will also have the fair complexion.
    • • Take warm water bath before going to bed. This will relax your body from all kinds of stress and strains.
    • • On the commencement of delivery pains eat a spoon full of honey. Also make the paste of honey and black cumin powder and spread it over your stomach for normal deliver as per ayurveda.
    • • For good lactation after delivery take fenugreek - 1/4 tablespoon, 1/2 cup raw rice, 5 garlic pieces. Steam all the ingredients well and smash it. Consume it with enough water. This should be done 7th month onwards
    * Any ayurveda tip for normal delivery must be done after due consultation with your doctor or ayurvedic specialist.

    Some Herbs and Other Ayurvedic Tips for Normal Delivery

    • • Harmone such as oxytocin and prostaglandins stimulate labor. Rubbing your nipples at the commencement of labour increases oxytocin that causes the uterus to contract. Also with this harmone intensity of the contractions increases. But you must consult your doctor before this as it affects very quickly.
    • • Prostaglandins harmone comes from the male semen. So if the intercourse is done at the time of labor then the intensity of labor will increase but doctors do not recommend this quiet often.
    • • Evening primrose oil (ayurveda herb) contains prostaglandins. Use of this oil will cause the cervix to ripen more easily and quickly.
    • • Also you can use the false unicorn root and red raspberry leaf in order to ripen the cervix.
    But before using any herb and adopting method of ayurvedic for normal delivery consult your doctor.

    There are also many herbs that are known to be effective in naturally inducing labor. Evening primrose oil contains prostaglandins and hence is effective in helping the cervix to ripen. False unicorn root, blue and black cohosh and red raspberry leaf are also well known herbs that are used in this regard. Again, you need to consult your doctor before using any of these herbs.

    I hope this information will help many moms.
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    This information will be helpful for pregnant ladies.But I have gestational Diabetes.Now Iam in the 9th month of pregnancy.
    How could I take honey?
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    Hi Sweethasri

    thanks for this useful information every women need to read carefully and take care.

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