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    hello sir,
    first of all wishing you all the luck for your forthcoming exam.
    i would like to know when would i conceive as i am trying for more than a year..recently we went to our doctor and she did some basic test and everything is normal for both of us. I was wondering why there is so much of delay when everything is normal..will i conceive naturally or do i need some medical treatment..
    our details are:
    spouse- male
    DOb : 19 july '76
    TOB : 11:55 AM
    place of birth : New Delhi, India

    my details are:
    DOB: 5 aug '83
    POB: Srinagar, J&K, India
    TOB: 9:50 PM

    i am really worried that why there is so much delay if everything is normal..can u plz tell me d time/year when will i conceive???plzzz help me out.....i will be highly obliged...

    thanks in advance

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