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Astro fashion: Which colours suit your starsign?

Discussion in 'Clothing & Apparels' started by rekhatj, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. rekhatj

    rekhatj Senior IL'ite

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    Are you an astrology buff, forever poring over your horoscope? If so, here's a feature that's right up your alley -- astrologer Aparna Bose tells you which colours are best suited to you according to your starsign. So look your best this summer and feel in sync with the universe too!

    ARIES March 21 to April 20
    Ruled by Mars, the colour for Aries is red. A colour of action, fertility and energy, red gives you a boost of courage whenever needed. The colour also acts as a revitaliser whenever you are feeling a little low or even depressed.
    Avoid wearing too much brown and stay clear of a mix mash of bright colours.

    TAURUS April 21 to May 21
    Pink is the colour for Venus-ruled Taureans. It protects and encourages peace of mind. Taureans usually seek unconditional love, and this is a colour that vibrates at the frequency of love. Keep a rose quartz with you at all times if you lose your temper frequently.
    Red should not be worn too often, since you react very aggressively to it.

    Caption: Red is supposed to bring out aggression in Taureans -- no wonder footballer David Beckham looks angry in uniform!

    GEMINI May 22 to June 21
    Mercury-ruled Geminis should wear yellow -- the colour stands for mental agility and inspired thought. A completely optimistic colour, it helps offload mental baggage and keeps you in an energised frame of mind.
    Grey is a colour which should be used as little as possible, since it slows you down mentally.

    CANCER June 22 to July 23
    Cancer is ruled by the moon, so white especially, its purest form, works for you. Make sure though, that you don't use it exclusively -- add some other colours too, since on its own, white is too passive and still.
    Avoid black as much as possible, because too much of it can leave you feeling depressed.

    Caption: Cancerian Tom Cruise should be wearing white and avoiding black, but he's doing the opposite! Is that why his movies haven't been doing well, lately?

    LEO July 24 to August 23
    The sun rules Leo, so your colour is orange in all its hues, which radiate optimistic and positive vibes. Orange also creates a sense of openness and warmth, which suits your aura.
    Grey, brown and all boring, insipid colours should be avoided since they don't really suit your majestic personality.

    Caption: Madonna's starsign is Leo and her colour orange -- so ditch the dull brown, Madge!

    VIRGO August 24 to September 23
    Earthy tones like brown and green suit Virgos best. Green will help you find balance, calm you in all situations and actually stimulate your nervous system.
    Avoid black, loud colours and any hues you instinctively don't like, since they can make you feel mentally unsettled and lead to physical problems.

    Caption: Kareena looks stunning in earthy tones -- and they suit her astrologically, too.

    LIBRA September 24 to October 23
    Soft pastel colours are best for Venus-ruled Librans, since they encourage a relaxed and tranquil mind. Soothing, gentle shades work best for you no matter which colour.
    Avoid orange, because it will make you aggressive and uncharacteristically uncompromising -- completely at odds with your basic analytical and intellectual nature.

    SCORPIO October 24 to November 22
    Pluto-ruled Scorpios should use deep red and maroon which are sociable and warm colours, but with an undercurrent of mystery. These shades give power, with the ability for dynamic change.
    Purple and its various shades should be avoided, because they will make you spiral into a paralysis brought on by over-analysis.

    Caption: Deep red suits Scorpion Ash to the tee.

    SAGITTARIUS November 23 to December 21
    All shades of purple, from cool to warm, are best for Sagittarians. Creativity and spiritual wisdom to travel on the journey of life are concepts very dear to you and purple is a colour associated with higher wisdom and understanding.
    Avoid all shades of yellow as they will make you hyperactive and slightly illogical.

    CAPRICORN December 22 to January 20
    Black and dark blue are the colours for Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Use these colours carefully and only go with the shades that suit you. Brown is an alternate colour you can use if you find black and dark blue too heavy.
    Try not to use too much white, as the colour may leave you feeling washed out.

    Caption: Black is the lucky hue for Capricornians like AR Rahman.

    AQUARIUS January 21 to February 19
    Turquoise blue is the colour for Aquarians -- it has a cooling and cleansing effect on your mind. Turquoise jewellery will help ease mental strain if you are going through a stressful time. Actually, most colours suit you, as long as they are crystal clear and distinct.
    Choose lighter shades and avoid darker, murky hues.

    Caption: Not exactly turquoise blue, but that dress suits Aquarian Jennifer Aniston anyway.

    PISCES February 20 to March 20
    Sea green and blue are the colours for Neptune-ruled Pisceans. These shades encourage self-worth and a love for oneself. These colours also have a calming effect, especially when you find yourself getting over-emotional about someone or something.
    Avoid all metallic colours, since they will leave you feeling drained.

    Caption: Piscean Aamir certainly looks calm and confident in blue.

  2. SriVidya75

    SriVidya75 Platinum IL'ite

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    hey wonderful info......thanks for sharing dear!!
  3. ritaroy

    ritaroy Bronze IL'ite

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    Good information. Thanks for sharing


  4. sadhu72

    sadhu72 Gold IL'ite

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    hi ,

    iam a taurean & my fav color is pink ,....it matches .

    good info ...thanks!
  5. ALPA

    ALPA Platinum IL'ite

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    its a very great post, i am a gemini and yellow suits me well and i wear it often.
  6. Sudha Kailas

    Sudha Kailas IL Hall of Fame

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    Unfortunately NOOOOOOOOOOO.
    I am an Arien and I hate REDSSSSSSSS.
    Sorry, I have to contradict here.
  7. nivu

    nivu Junior IL'ite

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    My sun sign is Sagittarius ...and i love purple...it matches
  8. smitarubinsson

    smitarubinsson Gold IL'ite

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    I'm a taurean and i'm not very fond of pink pink

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