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Any slokas for my child and me

Discussion in 'Queries on Religion & Spirituality' started by nskp, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. nskp

    nskp New IL'ite

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    Hello Ladies,
    I've a unique problem.I've a 2.9year old daughter.We live in USA.we both had feritlity problems,I gave berth to her after 6 years of maariage.My DH has 3 elder sisters and 3 elder brothers,2 of them have no child.
    The eldest brother-in-law(51yrs old) watned My 2nd sister-in-law's son to be living with him.The little boy(was 8) used to call him dad instead of uncle when his parents are not with them.The boy left to live with his parents last year(was 15yrs).
    Now this brothe-in-law of mine wants to visit USA and stay with us for a while.I want to goto work,my DH says leave my child with them to go to work.They applied for visa in mar 2011.But got rejected.Now they are going to apply at the end of july.

    I'm really scarred or terrified. I don't want them to be here.Everytime I see my child,i could feel butterflies in my stomach.I know I sound stupid.I don't say i don't want them near my child, i want them to be in their boundary as my childs uncle. I could feel thier pain,I've been there. But I don't want to share my child with anybody else.

    So ladies could you please,please.. suggest me any slokhas,so they won't come here.I'm in 7.5 sani. I went through lot of trouble.

    My DOB:26-july-1979.TOB:1.30pm, Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu,India.

    Rightnow I chant Gurugayathri,Vinayagar Karyasidhhi malai, and Abhirami Andhathi.

    Please help me with some slokhas.Thank you all.

  2. AkhilaaSaras

    AkhilaaSaras Gold IL'ite

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    Hi nskp,

    I really feel what you feel inside you. I have come across the sme situation in my relatives side. that would be really painful lif our child moves away from us or call other dad and mom and be with them. Thats born with every women when they are born. Don't worry i have a particular devotional song liek sequence to maintain the family relationhsip good but i would take for me longt ime to post. If possible ill make it as sticky after some days Feel free and pray well.
    Keep posting in IL!!!

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