A Jounery To Al-Ain

Discussion in 'Other Areas in UAE' started by imran5001, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Today Morning in Al-Ain very cool I wake up at 5:00 am in morning and get very lazy to take bath after half and hour i went out side to refresh my self the weather is too cool I saw in my camp people are running from he fear of winter when i check the water it is like melted ice i said wow great to enjoy today with water.

    My camp is in Al-ain Sharikat near bawadi mall one side i can see Jabel hafit and other side oman border the place is too good cool silent.

    My office running time is 8 to 5 but i have to go 6:30 in morning from al-ain to sweihan and same i return back at 6:30pm it will be till 7:00pm also staring i feel good but after seeing desert camels now i enjoy my trip by sleeping whole one and half hour............

    See u soon friends

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