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A Great Hero And The Rat

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Nov 16, 2019.

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    Naepoleon ,who wanted to conquer the whole world was defeated by Britain ,arrested and kept in an African prison.His last days were spent in prison in loneliness and depression.
    One day a close friend came to meet him in the prison.He handed over a chess Board to Naepoleon and told that the board would make him think and act and help him to come out of loneliness.Naepoleon , too much dejected and desperate, that a great hero, as he was,always thought about his pitiable state.He didn't even look at the chess board and he could not concentrate on anything and after sometime died out of mental depression.
    Later the French Govt auctioned the possessions of Naepoleon and the Chess Board was one among them.
    While scrutinizing the board it was revealed that the chess Board contained a small note as to how to escape from the prison.But Naepoleon was so much agitated and his depression didn't allow such an expert to go through the small hint which was very much within his hands.
    Rats are capable of drilling holes in the wood with their sharp teeth and in houses haunted by rated many wooden articles are swallowed by rats little by little.

    If the same rat is entangled within a mouse trap made of wood, it does not make efforts to drill holes in the trap. It is so overwhemed with fear and desperation that instead of easily escaping by biting the wooden trap, it runs here and there within the trap and makes sound with the iron ( metal wires )tied to the other end of the trap and gets caught by the house owner.
    Whether one is an ordinary creature like rat or a magnificent hero like Naepoleon,stress and tension make them silent and inactive and closes the door for success.
    The mental strength of a person can be better judged during a crisis.
    Calmness during a critical situation makes one think in a positive manner.

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    So true!

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