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4 months baby refusing milk and interested in solids....

Discussion in 'Infants' started by wazap, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. wazap

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    Hello Ladies,

    i give expressed breast milk and formula and also 'fresh cow's milk' for my baby who is gonna finish her 4 months in 10days.. lots of ladies said i should not feed cow's milk ...
    Oh, in india it is very common to give fresh cow's milk to newborns... i dont know why but it is very usual here.. they add lots of water to the milk for easy digestion for the baby.. i gave her cow's milk from her birth til now.. she didnt have any issues... but i wanna stop it by some soilds...

    hmm past 10days my baby is not taking breast milk properly... may be due to her cold and teething?! i tried formula also but she is not taking milk propely. when she sleeps if we feed she wil take very less... so we tried some solids and she started liking it and infact she wanna take solids at any time now than milk
    she is finishing her 4 months in 10days and stepping into 5th month...
    i tried nestle rice cerelac, mashed apple (1 slice) and mashed banana... she liked all and she wanted more but i'm scared to feed her more solids now itself
    need some of ur suggestion ladies.. what can i do if my baby is not interested in milk anymore and started liking solids a lot... tel me some patterns.. if i ask Dr she says, if baby is interested then try some... but not sure what to try first...
    plz share some of ur solid ideas to my 4 months baby.... some fruits . vegs, biscuits etc.....

  2. Ganthimathi

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    Babies should be given only breast milk upto 5 to 6 months. This benefits both the mother and baby in many ways. I don't know why you are giving her expressed breast milk! May be you are a working mom.

    If you don't have adequate milk secretion before 5/6 months then can go for formula or diluted cow's milk. Better not to use them when you can breast feed your baby adequately. Breast milk secretion also depends a lot on frequent sucking by the baby. So more breast feeding leads to more milk secretion. Formula milk and cow's milk are sweeter than mother's milk. So once you start on them baby likes them more than breast milk.
    Baby finds it easy to suck milk from the bottle than from the breast.

    Anyway you have already started on semi solids. You can continue with that. But introduce one new food at a time. Every week you can add one more new item. Give small quantities 2 to 3 teaspoonfuls 2 to 4 times in a day. Slowly you can increase the quantity. While the baby should have good weight gain (atleast 3 times the birth weight by the 10 to 12 months) nowadays we should be careful about over weight also . If you are a mom at home then continue to breast feed the baby directly and continue with semi solids. There is no need for formula or cow's milk. Once the baby start sucking milk secretion also will increase.

    Breast milk is First Best Milk for the baby

    Breast milk is Second Best Milk for the baby

    Breast milk is Third Best Milk for the baby

    God Bless
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