Most businesswomen focus on creating businesses that help other women or people in general. Be it a unique store full of well designed clothes or a simple online marketing company, several women are branching out into different fields and accepting the various commercial challenges head on.

Women entrepreneurs stand out in the crowd for their ideas, their professionalism and devotion to their work. There used to be saying in the old days, ‘never send a woman to do a man’s job’, but times have changed a lot since those days. There is no division between what a woman can and cannot do anymore.

At a time when women entrepreneurs are honing their skills through their unique business ideas,  Effath Yasmin took forward her idea of creating a women centric website for young mothers. A young mother herself, her website acts as a fun interactive portal to answer every young, first time (and second, or third time) mother’s queries on parenthood.

Effath personally gets involved in answering some of her clients’ doubts and queries, making the portal a fun loving, and helpful place for most.

Let’s hear the story of Nourish and Nurture, a website dedicated to young mothers the world over, from Effath, in conversation with Paroma Sen-Basu

What was your professional background before you launched the website?

Before motherhood happened, I worked with leading IT industry organisations, like Wipro Technologies and HCL technologies – CISCO for over nine years, and had established my forte in management information system and technical writing. Becoming an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) has been a natural progression, similar to a tree growing deeper roots. Challenging breastfeeding experience drew me closer to studying the subject of lactation, and a whole new world of knowledge unravelled.

How did an idea like Nourish and Nurture come about?

Nourish & Nurture has been my dream since the time I saw that there is need for a model of care for young mothers and parents, to offer an involved extensive breastfeeding support, which seemed missing in this fast paced nuclear life. The subject had earlier been given very little time by healthcare providers. Doctors are professionals, who deal with thousands of patients daily. They have to deal with the same questions all the time. A website where a young mother can find all her answers in her own time seemed like a great idea.

What kind of clients (women) generally approach you for your services? High profile professional women or stay at home women?

I get an array of mothers visiting the website, from all strata of society, most of them approach us by word of mother reference and are from many cities in India. These mothers are both stay at home moms and professional moms.