Sometimes three is better than one

We have all often heard of the phrase, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. Maybe we’ve heard it one too many times. Because when it comes to running a business, sometimes three does indeed work better than one. In this one-of-a-kind interview, let’s talk to the three women entrepreneurs, who successfully launched their own human resource company, aptly called WizeCareers.

What is it like to get into a business partnership with other women? Do each of you feel that there are specific advantages when it comes to women dealing in business as partners?

Shipra – We are all professionally trained people who could not pursue a career in the corporate sector due to personnel commitments. The knowledge that we are able to channelize the professional acumen, which would otherwise have been lost due to various reasons, gives us extreme pleasure and satisfaction.

It is good to deal with women in business because there is more understanding and faith between women. The main bedrock of any successful partnership is faith.

Shelly – There are advantages in dealing with women. We understand that family is the crux of a woman’s’ life and that’s the reason it becomes easier to deal with other women as business partners. We know that family will demand our partners’ attention in the midst of heavy work schedule and we are prepared for it. I wouldn’t trade my partners for any other because of the constant support I get from them on the personal front.

Amita- A business partnership with women brings in softer, sentimental issues in focus along with hard headed practicality. Women are more sensitive to undercurrent nuances in dealing with customers. We honour a fine balance between household responsibilities, as well as accountabilities on professional front. Our all women partnership also makes true.

How and why did you’ll manage to focus on HR consultancy as your core business?

Shipra – India is a growing economy which needs a steady supply of trained manpower.  There is lot of scope in this field .Through this enterprise we are also able to help people in meeting their aspirations. Being a woman it was a natural choice for us to venture in this field.

Shelly- All three of us decided to focus on HR, as we had bit of experience at various levels through our previous jobs. Working from home was our main priority and although the options of working with other consultants were open we did not come across many women friendly consultancies.

Amita- HR consultancy came up as we were all involved in it to an extent. We decided to take it up independently, and ventured out on our own. Thankfully our efforts are paying off and our work is taking us places now.

What sets Wizecareers apart from the other HR agencies across India?

Shipra – In short, an all women dedicated team, professionalism with a personal touch, maintaining a personal family as well as a professional presence.

Shelly- We know all our associates very well and help them in managing the work schedule so that their kids/families also get their due attention.

Amita- We have specific areas which we are comfortable handling; we try and support each other in their particular area without usurping on their particular territory.