Finding jobs nowadays is no more an uphill task, especially for people who plan to function from   home. This has been possible because of the concept of outsourcing. It is beneficial to both the employer and the one who’s hired. Such jobs are favourable and popular with beginners or freshers,   retired individuals, housewives and students. Even women, who have taken a sabbatical due to maternity reasons, also bank on this lucrative option. This practice of functioning from home is extremely common in the west. Although currently it’s in a nascent stage in countries like India, very soon, it definitely would be adopted by the ever open minded and absorbent, workforce in India.

The Smooth Operators

Many corporate magnates and MNC’s appoint remote workers in different corners of the world. These remote workers work as a single team on many projects. They have proved to be an asset for their organisations; they not only function as a team but also successfully co-ordinate and complete the projects within the deadline, despite being located far away from one another.

Kinds of Jobs on Offer

Work from home comprises two broad categories, semi-skilled and skilled. Semi-skilled jobs are the ones where one doesn’t have to have special skills. Data entering, simple accounting, tele-calling, offline or online form-filling and some bank related jobs fall under this category. The work done by graphic visualises, translators, or subject matter experts, fall under the skilled category.

The Vantage Point 

The semi-skilled jobs are not regularly demanding in terms of deadlines, targets, sometimes even on accuracy. The remuneration offered is lucrative, and some jobs even fetch incentives.

Additionally the employers don’t ask for more than graduates or post graduates from any field. The best part is that one does not need prior experience and preparation for an interview. As a result, individuals are not burdened by thoughts of rejection or additional preparation for another round of interview or even group discussions.

The Provider and the Seeker

Job openings are commonly found in newspapers or, on the internet. Newspaper is the most popular medium available as many people can afford it.  Nevertheless, the internet is also widely used nowadays. Many register with consultants to find a job of their choice in their preferred locality. Apart from this, consultants send weekly job alerts to the candidates. Many consultants offer this service for free.