The health industry has seen a manifold jump creating a huge number of opportunities for the qualified. Today we have with us a conversation with Kiran Chhabra, a fitness expert, Zumba instructor, aerobics teacher and personal trainer. In pursuit of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, Kiran has discovered a career that has not only helped her remain fit, but also make a positive impact in the life of others, while gaining financial independence.

Kiran belongs to an armed forces family; both raised and married in one, and is a mother to two boys. She finds her career suits her lifestyle, as she travels across the country with her husband, a government official.

In conversation with the fitness expert, Kiran Chhabra, is Vandana Rajesh.

How did entering the fitness industry become as career option?

The health industry came about as a career option due to one major factor. It is all about my journey from ‘thick’ to ‘thin’. Since my childhood I have been an avid sports person. During my 12 standard at KV IIT Madras, I represented the Madras region in badminton nationals.

Becoming a mother however, shifts the focus from self to the child, and you start neglecting yourself and your body. Pounds started accumulating and I became obese, in my journey from a healthy 52kgs to an overweight 80kgs. The second child added more to the weighing scale, and a simple task like walking seemed so difficult and laborious. 

Within no time other medical problems cropped up. I saw myself giving up on losing weight. Then one fine day, I decided to set myself a target and work towards losing at least 2kgs every month. In one year I was down to 60kgs. I joined an aerobic programme and soon realized that even I can motivate others into getting in shape.

What are the different areas of work in the fitness industry?

The options in my field are indeed many, from a personal trainer, aerobics instructor, Zumba – a latest dance fitness workout, pilates trainer, yoga trainer and more.

How has life for you changed after being a personal trainer?

Life has changed drastically for me after becoming a trainer. The best part is I am off the extra weight I was carrying, and have been able to motivate others to lead a healthy lifestyle. It gives me immense pleasure helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

I have filled my life and many other lives with positivity and happiness. The most important part being it has given me financial independence, which is a real morale booster for a woman today.