Bringing your parents to the U.S. for a visit can be an extremely fulfilling experience and while there are likely to be many great adventures to look forward to, it is also important that they are well prepared during their travels.

Because senior citizens are more at risk of travel related mishaps, it is imperative that all necessary precautions are taken in ensuring that their travels go as smoothly as possible.

The top 5 most important considerations for parents planning a trip to America are as follows:

1. Visit a Doctor for a General Check Up and Refill all Necessary Prescription Medications

Prior to embarking on their travels, it is important that your parents undergo general check-ups as well as fill any necessary prescriptions prior to their trip to avoid any medical related surprises.

Bringing extra doses of necessary prescription medications is another recommendation to avoid shortages should there be any trip delays or interruptions along the way.

2. Purchase a Travel Medical Insurance Policy

As your parents get older, it is inevitable that their health will grow increasingly more unpredictable and their chances of getting sick or injured are significantly higher. Any unexpected mishaps such as accidental illnesses or injuries can easily occur at any time and it is important to keep in mind health care in the U.S. is extremely expensive. For this reason, it is highly recommended that all travelers, especially the elderly, purchase a travel medical insurance policy to protect their health and their finances during their visit.

Ensuring that your parents are well protected from the unexpected begins with finding a policy that best fits their travel needs. Visitors Coverage is a great resource and one-stop-shop for all travel insurance solutions.

3. Obtain and Make Copies of All Important Travel Documents

Prior to their travels, it is important that your parents take inventory of all important travel documents to ensure that they are ready and up to date. Essential travel documents may include passports, entry visas, driver’s license, and insurance policies.
It is also important to have multiple copies of some of these documents should anything get lost or stolen along the way.

4. Watch Out for Jetlag

Jetlag is difficult for all travelers alike but it is significantly more challenging for senior citizens. Staying hydrated, maintaining healthy eating habits, getting plenty of sleep on the flight, and syncing up with local time upon arrival are all extremely important in ensuring that jetlag doesn’t affect their overall health or spoil any of their travel plans.

5. Pack Appropriately

Not only is it important to pack accordingly based on the specific area they will be visiting (with current seasons in mind), it is also important to consider packing light. Navigating an airport can be stressful as it is and lugging a big, heavy suitcase as an elderly traveler will only make things more difficult.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that they avoid bringing unnecessary valuables on their trip in an effort to avoid attracting thieves who prey on elderly tourists.

While there are potential risks when it comes to traveling, a traveler’s age shouldn’t be something that holds them back. Maintaining a cohesive checklist and following these tips when planning a trip to the U.S. will likely save a great deal of time and peace of mind, allowing your parents to enjoy their travels without any unnecessary stress.

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