Editor’s Note: Whenever the word brother comes up I am reminded of the song “Phoolo ka taaron ka, sabka kehena hai…” So beautifully the song describes the love and affection that a brother feels towards his sister. Do you have a sibling? Share your thoughts about this relationship with us HERE. This one is our member, Angellic‘s dedication for her brother. 

I was the most pampered kid in my family (well, even now I’m). I was 5, when my mom told me to pray to god for a brother. Nah I always wanted a sister as I already have a brother. So I prayed to god for a sister.

God didn’t listen to my wish. My mom won.

It was 23rd July, when he was born.

All my family members were happy with the new arrival except me. I saw all the eyes turned towards him. No one bothered about me. I lost my position. He took my place. This was the root cause of my enmity for him.

I used to sleep next to my mom, but after his arrival, he grabbed my place without any efforts. I used to please everyone with my tears but he does that very easily with his smile.

Once he was in Grade I, he fell down and got severely hurt on his forehead. Our murthi’s uncle (our school peon) dropped him home. Looking at his blood stained face, tears started flooding from my eyes with fear. We rushed him to the hospital. Generally, I used to make my face as sad as possible to avoid injection but he was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

When the doctor took the injection, I closed my eyes tightly expecting a COL (cry out loud) from him. But when I opened my eyes, I saw him innocently smiling at the doctor. I really felt a pain in my heart when I saw him hurt.

But still I hated him.

When I was in tenth, he was in fifth then, both were in the morning section. We used to travel in the same school bus, but never sit together. I always made him sit in a comfort place and at times even buttered his friends to get him his favourite window seat too.

I always have chocolates in my bag. I generally don’t like chocolates but my brother does. I used to keep chocolates for him. And in every lunch break, he used to make a visit to my class, just to finish his breakfast with my chocolate.

Every Friday, my mom used to allow us to have breakfast from our canteen. My brother used to save a small portion of his vada pav for me as he knows, vada pav is my favourite.

Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles, kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserves the heart and secure comfort.

his care and love for me slowly changed my thoughts about him.Now, I realise that was so great of God to give me such a lovely brother. 

He always accompanies me whenever I need him. I torture him a lot but he never gets mad at me. Whenever I feel sad, he always boosts up my morale with his positive words and his words always does wonders in my life. 

He knows me more than what I know about me. I always get mad at him and have been stubborn at times too. but he understands my mood swings and always acts wisely. He can read my mind very easily. I can’t hide my thoughts from him.

Life always takes unexpected twists and turns. One such turn was that I started loving my enemy and the twist was that now he is now ‘my bestie’. He was never my enemy as such; it was my age and immaturity which made me think about him as an enemy. I can’t spend a day without him. We share almost everything with each other. He is very special to me. His smiling face, helping nature, and daring attitude makes him quite popular among his friends.

He has many friends and may have even more in the future but I’m sure none can occupy my place. Same way, I too have friends and may have some more in the future but none can take his position in my heart.

I want to wish him all success in his life. I want God to bless him and protect him; and be gracious to him; and look with favour on him and give him peace and happiness. That’s all I wish for my little brother.