Editor’s Note: Is your marriage like old wine? Like a mango pickle? Or a gooey chocolate cake? What’s the analogy that suits your marriage the best? Share with us here

This is what our member Megalife has to say about marriage. 

Some would say marriage is like fine wine, as it ages it just gets better! But being a non-alcoholic with absolutely no craze for wine (fine or not), I would put it differently. What’s more is that I would like to give it a Hindustani aroma. Marriage is like our Indian Pickle; it improves in value and taste with time. It is not something that just happens with time, but it takes care and hard work to reach the supreme mishmash! 

Before writing this article I think one should know about the pickling method. My personal favorite pickling is one of the oldest known methods of preserving food, dating back to Biblical times; similarly the institution of marriage pre-dates dependable recorded history. It is a base of the family and the fundamental building block of society, similarly a good pickle is the basic to make good Indian meal absolute!

Pickling starts with picking the best raw fresh firm raw mangoes. Extreme care is taken in choosing the right mangoes as you want to keep it good for a long time. The pickle is prepared using the choicest ingredients, filled in airtight bottles. The bottle is shaken everyday to make sure the ingredients are well blended. On your first taste, may be the seasoning needs to be adjusted; a bit more spice??? In a couple of days later take the second taste may be this time it’s the salt which needs to be increased and the next time it may be the vinegar!

Likewise, marriage requires the right basic ingredients for sure but it also necessitates to be shuffled and spiced up from time to time until we reach the right blend, the right savor. Experienced people may affirm on the right ingredients and to some extend the standard procedure to be followed but to come up with a “Le Cordon Bleu “ you have to put in your ingenuity and creativeness. When you achieve this finest flavor, matrimony turns into an addiction with your partner. You always want to know where he/she is, when she is coming back from work, who her/his friends are etc. etc.Couples who manage to remain together for years learn to get along better as they age exploring new areas of curiosity or hone on existing interests.

Pickle and marriage does go hand in hand. Well, at least for me!. Both are spicy yet yummy!