Editor’s Note:So much technological and scientific progress has been made that nowadays we have a logical explanation for everything. And then there is love. And that is when all logic fails. We often know answers to difficult questions and situations that will crop up once we declare that we are in love. and yet we cannot stop ourselves. So can falling in love ever be calculated? Or does it just happen? And then what? Our member poons shares her thoughts. You can also write in to us here.

I’ve fallen in love, by accident! On my last visit to India, I made a new friend. He was sweet and polite, and very frank. We spoke often during that visit. Recently, I returned to India, for a longer time. This time i didn’t see him, but we spoke everyday on the phone, and became pretty good friends, and he shared a lot of things with me. It was after one month and a half that I realized I liked him, a lot. And a week later, that I realized it was love! After a lot of hesitation we both shared that we were in fact in love with each other. 

But here is the big problem: He’s not Gujarati, he’s Rajasthani! And here is the bigger problem: He’s 5 years younger than me! 

I’ve always kept any male friends at a distance; as friends only. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and have always said I am happy to do as my mum wishes, with regards to a boy. This means a Gujarati boy from our ‘samajh’! But this kind of hasn’t gone to plan here, and i’m now in this well, ‘nice little situation’! I don’t regret falling in love though!

I am back here in London and speak to him via text and e-mail. Every night I cry because of the thought that I can’t spend the rest of my life with him. My sister met him last time, and he tells me that I should at least tell her, but I feel scared to tell her, as i don’t know what she will think or say!

I feel foolish sometimes, and sometimes  I want to tell everyone about him, because his love is genuine, this i am certain of. I am returning back to India next March, and will be seeing him, and can’t wait, and he is just waiting as well! But i keep thinking – is this relationship really something special that will last long, or is it just young love? Should i leave him because i don’t have the guts to tell my parents, or should I at least see how things go for a while? Will my family ever accept him if things do really carry on? And how much does it really matter that there is 5 years difference between us? Maybe only we have the answers to these questions. Deep down i know all the answers but i just don’t want to face up to reality