Editor’s Note: Do you have a quote that you believe in? Or maybe one that forms the basic principal of your life? Or maybe just one that gives you goose bumps by its brutal honesty? Share it with us here. Here’s one quote that our member sunkan reckons with.

“Act as though what you do makes a difference. It does.” — William James. 

I felt great reading this, yes if we do put in our out best effort we can excel and make a difference in all whose lives we touch.

I have always felt, I have a lot to give, It is not the recognition I seek but the urge in me to make a difference, that motivates me to the extent where I could produce a rather extraordinary task more out of my mind than leading it to fester. When something is done with no expectation you tend to give more as you work at perfection.

Every task gives me a sense of accomplishment, be it going through the search engine for a friend, researching about anything for someone with great enthusiasm leaves me feeling elated.

Life springs a lot of surprises Though in a manner not fully acceptable to all.

When I brought two lovers into the sacred bond of marriage I did not intend to leave my mark on their marriage certificate. But the memory of the occasion was most sacred. My mind is still etched with the curses of their parents. But today when i see the same family together making a great progress, it leaves behind a satisfaction of an incredible feat accomplished. People in search of a good partner will understand what I mean here.

When I have fought with my friends to educate their daughters rather than getting them married at a tender age of 18 and seeing them today as educated mothers, I feel euphoric.

During my school days, I could save two of my mates from committing suicide over failing in the exams, by informing the school authorities. Now they may be good mothers somewhere with kids. They may never meet me out of shame but it fills me with a sense of rightness to have saved those two.

Bringing my writer friends to sites where they would enjoy their stay and when they become famous, leaves me ecstatic, because I have made a difference.

Even a birthday card created by me has to be special, so that it gives my friend a feeling that she is more than a friend to me. 

In our lives we should try and do something good for mankind. And if we can do it with an extra edge, the memory is worth remembering for a lifetime.