Editor’s Note:Small gestures. A few kind words. That is all that it takes to make someone happy. This is a lovely story that our member preethikarthik1 has shared with us. If you have a similar story to share then do write in to us here. 

It was April 2 2012, though it was years before, still the memories of the day is very fresh in my mind. It was my younger girl’s birthday who was turning four and we were excited to wake up on this beautiful day.

I was busy with my routine which starts with breakfast then feeding my kids. But deep in my mind I was getting thrilled, because, I making my first Barbie cake for my little girl.

The place where we live, she doesn’t have many friends, me either. Had it been any other place we would have arranged for a party with all her friends playing around with party games and dinner with our friends.

We felt bad in celebrating all alone here in this small place. So, we decided to make it a very memorable day in a unique way.

We decided to plan for a lunch for 50 laborers (constructing a new block in front of our house) with family and kids.

Though this attempt of helping the needy by a small way is our first try, but we were sure, we are doing something good. Few things in life happen for a reason.

We still curse our stars for being here in this place, but on that it made us feel , may we destined to be here to make this tiny charity( if I may say so ).

We told our girls, a day before, that we are going to provide them lunch (a sweet, vegetable briyani with raita). My girls of 8 and 4 years couldn’t make out the sense of it but happy that something is happening in our house.

I finished my routine, cleaned my kitchen and was waiting for the cook to come.
Before the cook arrives, I baked her first Barbie cake, which came out reasonably good. My daughters were very happy and proud to see their mommy baking a cake.

We planned to cut the cake around the noon time so that the cook finishes his job and leave the house to us.

A day before, we prepared the list needed for the lunch and shopped it in our nearby grocery store. The cook arrived around 10.30 with all the huge vessels. We were very particular with the quality and quantity of the food. My husband was very conscious that, food can be in excess but it should never be less for anybody out there.

The cook, along with 2 other boys, started the preparation; we told him that lunch had to be served by 12.30. Since, they work in front of my house; I have seen them having their lunch well in advance.

I dressed up my girls in their new clothes and they insisted in taking few pictures of them in our lawn. Though, I was busy hanging out with them, but my mind was preoccupied with lunch and the timing of it.

We had informed their contractor (head), a couple of days before that they are going to have lunch at our lawn. I started getting ready with setting up of paper plates, sweets (Gulab Jamun) water jugs and the serving spoons.

Since the cook is an experienced person, he got it ready by sharp 12.30.

We called all the laborers to our lawn, they were little hesitant to enter, but then we insisted them to come. Our family was equally excited like them, because of the very reason, its first time in our life, we are making an effort to help.

I told my daughters to pick up the plates and give it to them. Once they started having their lunch, a lady from the crowd, came up to me and asked me” madamji! What’s the occasion that you are celebrating? “I told her that it’s my daughter’s birthday.

She smiled at her, didn’t know what to say, escaped into her crowd.

We were very very happy to see them all enjoying their briyani and kids asking for refills. We were not sure what our kids understood from this effort, but they seem to be happy in seeing others eating.

They finished their food in about an hour, without we telling them they cleaned our lawn and made the place as clean as before.

They didn’t know what to tell us neither we. They left our place by smiling at us.
The lady who asked me what the occasion is, came to my little girl, took out a 50Rupee note from her pouch. By keeping her right hand on my little girl’s head, she gave that 50 rs to my daughter and told her to buy a new doll for her birthday and said “happy birthday”.

Tears filled our eyes. We very politely refused the money she gave. The attitude of this lady is not in the mind of big people( people with great bank balance). This is where , I feel , greatness of the small people stands. This day made a huge impact in our life, I hope it makes in your life also , when reading it.

“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Keep helping and keep learning from them.