Editor’s Note: Is a breastfeeding class useful or will it just increase the stress? Do you need to attend such a class? See what out IL friends had to say.

Breastfeeding is a very personal act and you will develop your own style of feeding your child. However, it is also important to gain as much knowledge about breastfeeding beforehand especially if you are first time mother. This is just so that it does not become a very overwhelming situation for you.

Things that the lactation consultant will teach you at the breastfeeding class

  • About the various positions that you can hold your baby so that she latches onto you more easily.
  • About engorgement and how you can control it
  • How to improve your milk supply and simple exercises in this regard
  • Information about how often the child would need to be fed
  • If you are a second time mother and had issues with breastfeeding your first born, then this will be an opportunity for you to get your issues sorted out
  • If you are attending the class with your baby then it will help you to know that there are others too who are trying to learn the sae way as you. This will act as a great confidence booster and also create a support system for you

Things to keep in mind

  • Check the qualifications of the consultant and then decide whether she would be the right one to guide you
  • Try and take the class closer to your due date so that the information remains fresh in your mind
  • If you are a second time mother then find some information about the class prior to joining it. This is just to know whether the class would become repetitive for you or whether you would be learning something new.
  • Weigh the cost v/s whether you really need the advice of a consultant or you already have experienced family members at home to help you out

So go ahead and get yourself enrolled into a breastfeeding class. Especially if your due date is nearing and you feel that you have lots of questions that still remain unanswered about this very important aspect of motherhood.

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