Once you know that you are pregnant, the consumption of folic acid becomes important. Folic acid is required for a number of reasons.


It will reduce the chances of neural tube defects in your baby. These defects are that of the spinal cord and the brain. Since these deformities happen in the very early stages of pregnancy, you should begin consuming folic acid a few months prior to even beginning the act of conception

It reduces the chances of other defects in your baby like cleft lip or cleft palat

RBC Build Up

Folic acid will also help your body to build red blood cells and thus prevent anaemia


It also helps in the functioning and also in the repair of DNA. So the right dosage of it is required for cell growth of the placenta.


If you take it with vitamins, the chances of preeclampsia also reduces

The usual dose of folic acid that the doctor will prescribe to you is 400 micrograms (mcg) per day. But if you have been pregnant with babies with neural birth defects earlier, or if you are obese, diabetic or consuming anti-seizure medications then you might be prescribed a higher dosage of the same. 

Did you have folic acid during your pregnancy? Do you know what foods give us folic acid? Share with us here.