Editor’s Note: When women begin planning to conceive then begins a new journey for them. There is science and calculations. And then there is religion and beliefs. Our member ramya475 shares some mantras that is believed to help with conception. If you know of any then do share them with us here. 

One of the important requirement of a society is the need for bringing up subsequent generations. This would mean producing children and looking after them so that they become the pillars on which the world will depend. Major burden of this aspect of the society is on women. This involves a pregnancy where the mother carries her baby in her womb, delivery involving lot of labour pain, breast feeding the children, providing 24 hours support for these babies till they are able to look after themselves. Though it was easy for me to type the words, I and almost the entire male world, realize the amount of suffering and the great commitment needed too do this job. Yes, there is a joyful bonus. This consists of the immense pleasure that these children give back to their parents especially mother when they are helpless babies. Possibly due to this and definitely due to the responsibility entrusted by the society on them, women yearn to have babies.

Right from the olden days there were a small percentage of women who were not able to bear children, During those times, it was thought that it was her fault, But now we know that the fault may lie in her or her husband. We also know that most of these faults can be cured. It is during the times when the couple are not able to get babies that they approach God. Several Hindu Gods are approached to solve this problem. 

The greatest Hindu prayer which helps women conceive is the Vamsa Vrudhikaram Durga Kavacham, In this prayer planet Saturn asks his father the Sun god as to how women who are not able to get children can conceive, Sun god then teaches his son the great prayer. He says to him that this great prayer not only would help barren women conceive but also protect her pregnancy, prevents abortions in the middle, drive away evil spirits that prevent pregnancy etc. It says that women should chant for seven days daily this prayer after the bath after the periods. It is also mentioned that this prayer should be read several times keeping a red thread in front and the thread be worn over the hips by women and such an act would lead to pregnancy. 

Many of you may not know about a great temple called Thirukarukkavur (the city that protects pregnancies). This small town is near Tanjore of Tamil Nadu. The temple is presided over by Garbha Rakshambikai (The mother who protects pregnancies) . It is believed that “Couples who remain childless for a long time should offer ghee, which will be placed at the Feet of the Goddess charged with manthras and given to them. If the couples eat a little of this Ghee at night daily for 48 days the woman will certainly conceive soon and they will be blessed with children.

Pregnant women expecting deliveries should offer castor oil, which will be placed, at the Feet of Sri Garbharakshambikai, charged with mantras and offered to them. This castor oil has wonderful property. When the women gets the labour pains, this oil should be smeared on their abdomen. This will eliminate all complications, dangers and after effects of deliveries and make the deliveries quite easy” 

Families who get children, take they babies to this temple and put them in a golden cradle in front of the goddess.

Apart from this there is great prayer addressed to this goddess called Garbha Raksha Stotram. This has been composed by sage Sounaka, It is believed that by doing the following a safe delivery can be ensured to any woman. It is believed that this would ensure safe delivery. Daily sit in front of a photo of Goddess with any small offering(Fruits , milk or any other food article and recite as follows:-

During the second month read the first two slokas 108 times daily,
During the third month read the first three slokas 108 times daily,
During the fourth month read the first four slokas 108 times daily,
During the fifth month read the first five slokas 108 times daily,
During the sixth month read the first six slokas 108 times daily,
During the seventh month read the first seven slokas 108 times daily,
During the eighth month read the first eight slokas 108 times daily,
During the ninth month read all the nine slokas 108 times daily,

There is also a prayer addressed to this goddess composed by Sengalipuram Anantha Rama. It is called the Garbha Raksha Stotram.

I have a humble request to all the ladies of India. Those of you who can chant this, please teach these three great stotras to women who want to get children and women who are in the family way. Please encourage them to visit Thirukarukkavur and get the blessings of the Goddess.