Congratulations! Pregnancy is an adventurous journey. If you have the information to guide you along, you will have a wonderful time seeing your baby develop. But with so much information available everywhere it can get a little overpowering. We have made it easy for you!!

Our pregnancy week-by-week calendar gives you a description of your baby’s growth and an account of all the changes in your body. So if you want to know when you can feel your baby’s first kick or when you have to go for your first ultrasound then read on.

Exclusive Bonus: Download our A short guide to managing pregnancy, an excellent resource with helpful guidance and practical tips for pregnant women.

About our Pregnancy Week by Week Guide

Pregnancy is an important period in a woman’s life. And quite naturally it raises a great deal of questions too. Hope you find answers to all your doubts and confusions here. Read on to understand more about your pregnancy.

A pregnancy has three trimesters:
• First trimester: week 1 – 12
• Second trimester: week 13 – 27
• Third trimester: week 28 through Delivery

During each trimester, there are many things that will take you by surprise and each week will be a new experience for you – from changes in your baby to your body that is trying to keep pace with its own developments.

You will also find a short guide to managing pregnancy, an excellent resource to manage your pregnancy.

Are you looking for tips, advice and inspiration to guide you through the next forty weeks of your pregnancy? Then read our pregnancy week-by-week calendar. It will not only take you through all the changes in your body but also precautions that you need to take and fun things that you can do. Not to forget a little bit of laughter at the end of each section to ease your tensions.

Simply click below on the week of pregnancy you would like to view to get started and to know what the heck your little one is doing inside you that week!

And any time you feel unsure don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. Locate one who you are comfortable with and write all your queries before your visit lest you forget. Our Due Date Clubs are also an excellent resource for you to ask your questions.

First Trimester

It all starts with ovulation and fertilization. Did you know that your pregnancy begins on the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP)? In fact your doctor will calculate your expected delivery date (EDD) 40 weeks from the first day of your LMP. However if your baby is only 38 weeks even though you deliver in your EDD, it is because your egg doesn’t get fertilized till about 2 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period.

So what happens inside your body, after implantation occurs in the 4th week of pregnancy? Is spotting normal at this stage? How can you cope with all the pregnancy symptoms that occur at the early stages? How can proper diet help you combat morning sickness? What prenatal care is usually recommended by the doctor? Get all your answers in our pregnancy week-by-week calendar.

First Trimester Weeks

Pregnancy Week 1 | Pregnancy Week 2Pregnancy Week 3 | Pregnancy Week 4 | Pregnancy Week 5 | Pregnancy Week 6 | Pregnancy Week 7 | Pregnancy Week 8 | Pregnancy Week 9 | Pregnancy Week 10 | Pregnancy Week 11 | Pregnancy Week 12

Second Trimester

Entering the second trimester means the high-risk period is coming to an end. Most share their good news with family and friends during this phase. But what are some fun ways to make the pregnancy announcement? Have you shopped for your maternity clothes before you begin to show? Did you know that maternity wear can be very stylish too?

This is also the time when you can plan fun date nights, romantic dinners, girls’ parties and even short vacations with your spouse. Have you begun planning for any of this? Great! But never forget that you and your baby still need nutritious food, some exercise and lots of rest because, even though the nausea slowly subsides, pains and aches in different parts of your body will soon take over. So don’t forget your Kegel exercises, ‘me times’ to combat mood swings and healthy food.

This is also the time when there will be plenty of doctor visits and prenatal tests and vaccinations. Are you looking for answers to why there are so many tests which ones are important? Then read our pregnancy week-by-week calendar for all your answers.

Second Trimester Weeks

Pregnancy Week 13 | Pregnancy Week 14Pregnancy Week 15 |
Pregnancy Week 16 | Pregnancy Week 17 | Pregnancy Week 18 |
Pregnancy Week 19 | Pregnancy Week 20 Pregnancy Week 21 |
Pregnancy Week 22 | Pregnancy Week 23 | Pregnancy Week 24 |
Pregnancy Week 25 | Pregnancy Week 26 | Pregnancy Week 27

Third Trimester

This is the time when you will find your legs swelling, your skin is becoming dry and your breasts are feeling tender. These are just some of the normal pregnancy symptoms during the last trimester.

Take ample rest and don’t stand for long hours to prevent the aches and pains from taking a toll on your health. Instead indulge in some massages. Our pregnancy week-by-week calendar will tell you more.

Also now that you have entered your 28th week and the last trimester, are fears and doubts about labor creeping up inside you? Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of labor and the false alarms or the Braxton Hicks contractions. Trust us when we say that at some point most women feel this fear and anguish.

Read up a lot, ask your doctor questions, and join clubs to share your anxiety with other moms. To distract yourself spend this time doing some fun things instead.

Choose baby names, plan your baby shower, learn more about breast feeding and get your labor bag packed. Read our pregnancy week-by-week calendar for plenty such tips for your last trimester.

Third Trimester Weeks

Pregnancy Week 28Pregnancy Week 29 |
Pregnancy Week 30 | Pregnancy Week 31 | Pregnancy Week 32 |
Pregnancy Week 33 | Pregnancy Week 34 Pregnancy Week 35 |
Pregnancy Week 36 | Pregnancy Week 37 | Pregnancy Week 38 |
Pregnancy Week 39 | Pregnancy Week 40

We hope you enjoy our pregnancy week-by-week section. And don’t forget to stop by our Due Date Clubs to share your thoughts with others who are due when you are.