If you are a mother who has just begun to toilet train your child, then start by making her familiar with the pot. This could be the baby pot, or even the normal adult one. Show it to her, explaining what it is and why it should be used. You can even take her shopping so that she can choose her own pot.


Associate something with her sitting on the pot. For example, make the ‘sssss’ sound for as long as she is sitting. You could even buy small picture books which she can read only when she’s sitting on the pot. You could even have a reward system. Fill a bag with small plastic toys, stickers etc. Every time she uses the pot successfully, she can put her hand into the bag to pull out one toy. You could even give her a piggy bank, and put in a coin for her achievement. Something simpler is either a big hug or a clap, and it works well too.


Kids love to see and imitate. So sit with your baby in the big toilet and ask her to use her own smaller one. Keep the bathroom door closed to teach her about privacy. Do this every time you go into the bathroom. As she watches you, she will learn. It’s quicker and it will make her realize that this is normal.

Also, after she has finished, let her dump it into the big toilet. It will give her a sense of responsibility. You should also allow her to watch, as you rinse out her pot. Explain to her that it’s similar to flushing the big toilet.


It is best to try and get her into a routine. Set an alarm clock too, if you wish too. Every time the alarm rings, tell your kid to go and sit on the pot. Explain to her that even if she does not pee, she has to sit there for a few minutes. This will get her habituated to a daily schedule. Soon you will find her doing it herself, even without you having to tell her so.

Also, a toddler usually passes stool at approximately the same time every day. Make sure you remind him gently to go and sit on her pot at that time every day. Increase the intake of fibrous food and fruits, as during the initial days, because of nervousness, they often fail to pass the stool. Eating a lot fibre will make the work easier for them.


When you begin training make her stop wearing diapers. Diapers soak well, and so babies don’t understand when they have to open it and go to the toilet. Instead make them wear only cloth nappies, or just panties. This way, the first few times when they pee in the nappy or panty they will feel wet and uncomfortable. So from next time they will open it and go to the toilet instead.

Also, making them wear simple clothes which they can open themselves quickly helps. For this, instead of using complicated buttoned or zipper pants, use simple elastic pant or shorts.

Finally, remember that during the training period accidents can happen. Do not show your anger or stress if it does.  Saying, ‘It’s alright, don’t worry, but don’t do it again’ helps much more. 

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