When to give ORS

If your baby is suffering from gastroenteritis, then the paediatrician might ask you to give him ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) made of salt and sugar mixed with water, or even sachets of various brand of ORS ready to mix powders, which may be mixed with water. This is to prevent dehydration. Just make sure you mix the required contents in correct proportions, and not give him plain water to drink instead.

Precaution While Giving Water

Here’s a note of caution. Babies’ immune systems are still immature. Even little unhygienic conditions can lead to stomach infections in babies. Hence it’s best to boil water, which is boiling for at least a few minutes, before giving it to babies. Keep the utensil covered with a lid, while the water boils. If you must give them filtered water, then use filters with pore size of less than one micron, and those which use the process of reverse osmosis.

Once the baby is a year old, you can let him drink water whenever she is thirsty. However, even in the first year they get around 20% of their fluid requirement from foods. So don’t begin to force down eight glasses of water down her throat. Keep milk, breast or formula, still as their primary beverage.