Editor’s Note: Pregnancy is one story. But those few hours of labour, water breaking, pains and finally holding the miracle in your hand is a completely different one. Our member PriyaDominic has shared hers with us. Do share your child’s birth story with us here.

I always wanted to share the child birth story, I will leave out all the hurting things I had to face in pregnancy and tell you about how God helped me to overcome those tough situations.

I was almost 32 weeks pregnant and had quite a bit of travel to office.
I had a doctor’s visit where in I complained to the Doc about back pain which she neglected. I had spotting and minor bleeding initially and I was on bed rest till end of third month. As usual I went to office and was preparing for an audit for my project. While sitting on the chair suddenly I could feel a gush of something beneath my stomach and had a wet feeling. I ran to the restroom and then found it was a clear liquid – not urine.

It was my first pregnant so I did not know anything at all. I called my DH, but as usual he being busy just cut my call. I managed to call my sister who works along with me and she came to the rest room with friends.

i called up my Mom and SIL and told them the ‘Fluid broke’. incidentally the day before this I had an unusual chat with my friends on how this delivery thing on the whole is going to be..a t least how do we know that its the beginning.

So I could make out it was fluid breakage. My DH finally called and was all shocked, He dropped his phone now. God gave me good presence of mind and an angel in the form of my own sister.

A colleague offered to take me to hop in his Tata Indica and my sis accompanied with two of our colleagues.There was huge traffic control in the city due to some procession going on and people asked up to go to the nearby hospital but some how I said – no we will go the XYZ hospital, after all I went there all the months. We were going through all packed roads and my friend did drive very carefully yet fast.

I was lying in the back seat with my feet lifted up and hoping that I will not spoil his new car. I was feeling so giddy and felt like puking. My DH was driving from the other end of the city in a bike and he talked to the policemen and cleared the route..

Finally we reached the hospital and I came out of the car and was vomiting heavily and the the fluid started going again heavily. A wheel chair was taken and there came my DH running to ask what happened. I as so tired and in semi senses. In fact I felt little angry with his as he never heard to any of my complaints like lets not travel much. I’m not well and all. 

I was taken to the emergency care and the labour room. I could not figure out what was going to happen. I felt so worried inside the room and then they let my sis in to get my jewels off.. I asked her to do it slowly as it would give me more time with her.
She did not show any sadness on face and I told her to ask my mom and all to come with all the clothes needed for the baby. They should come after travelling 3 hours. My DH also came in and I acted cool. So that we wont get tensed.

I got an injection around 5:00 PM and I kept asking them on my situation. They said it should be ok. But then later they did scanning as and said situations are not good there are chances of infection, membrane ruptured and the fluid getting drained off. When ever I moved it was flowing out like anything though I was lying flat.
then my mom came and seeing her i felt great belief. I asked the hospital people how is my situation, they said we cant say anything. If we prolong, you will be in danger other wise baby is in danger.

I started praying hard and started talking to my son in the womb..I started singing the songs which i use do sing to him and he moved… I told him – dear – we are going to see soon.. you are going to see amma son. Believe me he would respond my giving a kick or a move.. I had such a cooperative Son.

I am a Christian and I prayed to Almighty – Like you gave Issac back to Abraham , please give our son to us!! Somehow I felt I would name him Issac or some variant of it.

Finally the night was over and my sec dose of injection went in. It was to strengthen the baby”s lungs. Finally i was taken to C section. Before entering the room when I saw my mom and all i burst into tears and was crying profusely. Then my MIL came and instead of saying anything to me she said – he (DH) is so worried and crying!!! they waited for some time and he did not come I was so sad to go to theater without seeing him. Finally he came and I was a total new person. I smiled and said I will go and come just now.. why are you tensed I am ok, pray well. I don’t have any problem I am perfectly fine. The doctors and all around were laughing saying is this the same person who cried to mom.

Finally everything was fine, for a day baby was in ICU and later he was given to me and we were under special care. No visitors for few months and my mom managed everything alone. Sleepless nights, doing everything for baby and me including washing our clothes, putting me to batch etc to avoid infection chance.

My son is 2.5 years old now and thanking Almighty for everything!

The reason why i wrote this is – it might help some one !!